Coach Your High School eSports Team to Victory

Are you a high schooler who is passionate about eSports? Then, you are aware that PlayVS has been creating an impact in the community. They have devoted their time and efforts to advocate for incorporating more high school eSports programs. As someone who wants your team to excel at these competitions, it's essential to acknowledge the significance of coaching. Coaching plays a substantial role in any sports squad - but even more so with esports teams! In this article, we will be exploring some tools available for coaches to assist their players win championships.

Record and review your own & high school team's performance with Gazoom

High school eSports teams should take advantage of the feedback from review tools to maximize their growth potential. Through evaluating these analyses, coaches can gain insight on where their team may have faltered or succeeded each match and make necessary changes accordingly. Not only does this provide them with an understanding of the game itself but it also helps refine strategies and execution techniques which are essential for success.

Your high school's competitive matches have the potential to be broadcasted on Twitch or Youtube, which can allow you to review your team's performance later. This type of post-game analysis is common throughout all other sports and gives students an effective way for them to analyze their playing strategies and learn from mistakes.

Daily reviews are essential for any eSports athlete wishing to grow in their craft - more so than the big match day itself! To be able to review your games, a recording tool is necessary. Investing time and effort into daily practice will pay dividends down the line- this can't be understated or overstressed enough.

Gazoom is a recording tool, that automatically captures all your gaming highlights as well as lets you capture your entire game. It even marks on the video where certain events such as kills/deaths have happened. That way you can easily review with your coach your kills, deaths and other important moments to see how you could have played it better. You can download Gazoom on the right side with the download button. This is a great way to quickly go after a match over your kills and deaths to see what you could have done better. If you want to review your clip you can do it either through the app or right here via Gazoom.

Analysis and reviewing tools can help you do better in high school.

Now that you have a replay of your daily matches, it's time to take your game up a notch. Reviewing tools are perfect for this purpose; they permit your high school eSports coach to evaluate and assess how you play and pinpoint which areas need more work or practice.

For example, in the case below we can see that the optimal scenario is outlined in blue with red indicating what the opposing team will likely do. It appears as though our team should come from left side for engaging on Lissandra - making sure we don't miss any opportunity!Gazoom is currently developing the tool showcased above. If you want your high school to be one of the first to sign up for our closed beta. Sign up now here and bring your high school eSports team to the next level.

Gazoom coaching/reviewing tool

It is important for members of any sports team to be able to communicate well with each other, and this is especially true for eSports teams.

It is important for a high school eSports team's coach to have communication tools. These tools help the coach by keeping everyone on the same page and working together. The coach can use these tools to tell the players what they need to do or what they are doing wrong. This way, the team can do their best in competition.

We recommend either use:

1.Discord (allows you to create servers, which could be just for your high school eSports program)

2.TeamSpeak (quite old technology, but the audio quality is great)


Coaching an eSports team can be difficult, but there are ways to make it easier. There are special tools that can help coaches do their job better and help the players do better too. With these tools, your team will be ready to win more than other teams.

If you want to learn more on why eSports coaching is on the rise read here.

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