CSGO Stash - FAQs

CSGO has been a hit for the past decade, not only the game but also all the skins that have been released over the last decade. More and more trading websites exist to handle all the csgo skin trading volume. In this blog post, we are focused on answering the most frequently asked questions that our readers had.

What is CSGO Stash?

Are you looking for the latest skin that makes your CSGO ace much sweeter? Or maybe even the perfect knife skin for the right occasion? Look no further than the CSGO Stash! It's an aggregator website that lets you directly see all the skins available and where to buy, sell, and trade skins, knives, and stickers.

What items can I find on CSGO Stash?

On CS GO Stash you find literally every skin you can imagine. If you want to spend a few thousands for the legendary Dragonlore AWP skin, sure you can do find a few on CSGO stash and where to buy them. Or why not get the latest and coolest UMP-45 skins to farm that money during those anti-ecos. Not beats the feeling of those stratic numbers going up during those anti-ecos.

CSGO Gloves and CSGO Knives

If you wondered what tends to be the most expensive and sort after items in CSGO. They are definitely CSGO knives shortly after followed by CSGO gloves. I mean who doesn't want to have a fancy looking knife when they stab the enemy in their back for that sweet captured csgo knife kill, which they can then share with their friends.

How do I buy items on CSGO Stash?

You cannot buy skins directly through CSGO Stash, at least not at the time of this writing. You can easily check all the skins that are on the steam community marketplace as well as on Bitskins. If you decide to buy them csgo stash will directly forward you to either of these two marketplaces.

How can I sell skins on CSGO Stash?

As mentioned above you cannot buy nor sell any skins on CSGO stash directly. They will forward you to the marketplace that they are listed on. It is like google flights you can all the cheapest flights, you can see them but not directly buy them and google will then forward you to the airline's website. I hope that explanation makes sense.

How long after I buy a skin for it to arrive?

If you buy it through the CSGO steam community market it should arrive instantly and be directly available for you to use it. If you buy via Bitskins you will need to retrieve from the platform and transfer it. As well as transactions might take some time.

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