Get an Edge on the Competition: The Benefits of Using a Valorant Tracker

Looking to get an edge on the competition in Valorant? Then you need to be using a Valorant tracker! A Valorant stats tracker can help you review your performance and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, they can help you track your progress over time and see how you stack up against other players. In this blog post, we will take a look at the best Valorant trackers on Overwolf.

What are Valorant trackers?

Valorant trackers are applications that allow players to review their performance in Valorant and identify areas for improvement. They provide invaluable data on your Valorant stats such as K/D ratio, average damage per round, headshots percentage and more. Valorant trackers can help you become a better Valorant player by allowing you to analyze your game play and make meaningful adjustments.

Can a Valorant Strategy tool improve my gameplay?

Yes, with a Valorant mapping/strategy tool you will be able to see how and where to best use your tacticals while in-game. No more guessing on how to best place your agent's tactial. Gazoom's Valorant strategy maker tool (coming soon) shows you direct on your second screen how you can best place your tactials to defend or attack the spike plant.

Valorant Strategy tool

Are Valorant trackers good?

Of course! A Valorant tracker is an indispensable tool for any Valorant player looking to up their game and improve their stats. Knowing your Valorant stats, like kills, deaths, headshots, and win rates can give you the edge over your opponents. You now know your stats and can either get some coaching to improve on for example positioning or just go into training mode and practice your aim.

Do Valorant trackers record your games?

In short, they don't. Gazoom on the other hand automatically records all your Valorant highlights for you. Tracking Valorant generates numerous statistics, including win/loss ratio, kills per round, headshot percentage, movement speed, and more. Some record your games/highlights as well. Valorant trackers also provide a variety of visuals to help you better understand your performance.

What is the best Valorant tracker on Overwolf?

The best Valorant tracker on Overwolf is "Valorant Tracker" from Tracker Network. It has almost 3M download and gives you all the stats that you need. Check out the screenshot below. You can switch through all your stats in each mode that exists.

Valorant Tracker

The Valorant tracker even grants you access to guides for each agent. If you want to learn how to best play Astra, there are plenty of videos for each map. It is definitely worth checking out.

Valorant Tracker guides

‍Do you want to record not only Valorant but also your other games?

Try out Gazoom. We capture all your gaming highlights automatically as well as let you edit, review and share them with your friends. You can download it on the right side.

Do Valorant trackers reduce my FPS?

Valorant trackers do not reduce the FPS in Valorant, as they are separate from Valorant's game engine. A Valorant tracker is a third-party program that allows players to view various statistics about their performance in Valorant. This includes kills and deaths, win rates, K/D ratio, map playtime. Valorant trackers are designed to help players gain insight into their Valorant performance, allowing them to improve their game.

Does Valorant tracker make you lag?

No, Valorant trackers have no impact on your FPS. So keep on acing and tracking!  

Are Valorant trackers on Overwolf Bannable?

All trackers and recording tools on Overwolf won't get you banned. They all don't violate Riot games policies.

Are Valorant tracker bannable?

All trackers that we have listed here as well as in the article on top 3 Valorant trackers won't get you banned because they use the official Valorant API to get the data.

How to make my profile on Valorant tracker private?

Take your Valorant profile private by clicking "Revoke Access". This will set your profile to private! 

Valorant tracker private profile

How to create a public profile on Valorant tracker?

Once you have signed in with your RIOT ID onto Valorant tracker your profile will be public.

Valorant tracker public profile


Valorant trackers can be extremely helpful in improving your game. By tracking and reviewing your stats, you can see where you are succeeding and where you need to improve. Additionally, there are a number of great Valorant trackers on Overwolf that can help make the process easier for you. Make sure to try out a few different trackers to find the one that works best for you!

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