How to avoid wrist pain while gaming in 2023

Gaming without a wrist rest can cause stress on your wrist and can lead to injuries

Do you love gaming but hate the wrist pain that comes along with it? You're not alone! Many people experience wrist pain when gaming, but there are ways to avoid it. In this blog post, we will discuss the causes of gaming wrist pain and the best ways to prevent it from happening. We will also recommend some of the best wrists rests on the market to help keep your wrists comfortable while gaming! Say goodbye to nerve compression due unnatural angle of your wrist while typing.

What causes wrist pain while gaming?

You are constantly under pressure trying to clutch this round, having to flick your enemy in a 1 vs 1 situation which puts repetitive stress on your wrist. Over many hours this will lead to lot's of strain on your wrist.

One of the most common causes of gaming wrist pain is repetitive motions. When gaming, you may be repeating the same movements over and over again with your wrists. This can lead to muscle strain, soreness, and even injury.

How can you reduce the stress on your wrist?

Option 1: Game less!

Let's be real though we all love gaming way too much for this, so this is not an option!

Option 2: Upgrade your gaming set up with a wrist rest for your keyboard and potential for your mouse. Yes this might not look the coolest, even though some are quite stylish.This will help you reduce the stress on your wrist of being hours on end hammering into the keyboard and flicking the mouse left and right.

We personally at Gazoom started having problems ourselves and that is also the reason why we have over 8 different wrist rest in our office just to see which wrist rest is the best for our wrists.

In general speaking most of the injuries/stress points are results of not having the wrist at neutral angle.

How do I stop wrist pain while gaming?

The best way to avoid gaming wrist pain is to use a wrist rest. A wrist rest helps keep your wrists in a neutral position while gaming, reducing the amount of strain on them or injuring your wrist. There are many wrists rests available on the market that offer varying levels of support and comfort. When choosing a wrist rest, make sure it is made from breathable materials, has cushioning that matches the contours of your wrists, and is adjustable to fit your gaming setup and provide optimal ergonomic support.

Below are a few that we personally tested at Gazoom and ranked them based on our comfort.

We have over 8 different wrist rests in our office and we all agree that this one is the best one. This of course depends on the keyboard that you are rocking. We are all using mechanical keyboards. I personally really love they hyper X Alloy Origin Core with Agua switches, they just feel amazing at the same time they are not too noisy. Anyways, back to the topic of gaming pain created by not having a neutral wrist.

Here are our top 3 wrist rest of gaming:

3.Asus wrist rest

The Asus wrist rest as you can see here as a steeper angle which doesn't make it a great fit for my keyboard. For our colleagues which have a ducky mechanical keyboard they are quite happy with it.

2.Glorious wrist rest

The glorious wrist rest quite comfortable, sadly after a bit of usage you can see the usage due to it being cloth.

1.Razer wrist rest

Honestly, we are all super happy with this wrist rest. It gives great support, the slight angle makes it fell very natural. Only downside the cushion might be a bit thin if you tend to put more pressure on it.

We hope this blog post has given you some useful information about gaming wrist pain and how to avoid it. With the right gaming setup and the help of a wrist rest, you can stay comfortable while gaming for hours on end! So what are you waiting for? Get gaming and make sure your wrists stay happy and healthy.

Happy gaming!

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