League of Legends

Powerball Rammus Jungle Guide (latest patch) - Slam your enemies WWE Style!

Roll into the wild world of League of Legends, where the Rammus Jungle Guide is here to prove that being a "rolling stone" isn't just a catchy tune – it's a way of life, especially when you're powerballing through the jungle with more enthusiasm than a dog chasing its own tail! 

Rammus Summoner Spells:

Rammus Smite

- Flash: Essential for engaging, escaping, or repositioning.

- Mosstomper Smite: Standard smite for junglers.

Rammus Runes:

Rammus Runes

Primary Tree - Resolve:

- Aftershock: Boosts your tankiness after engaging.

- Demolish: Helps in taking down turrets.

- Conditioning: Increases your resistances in the mid-game.

- Overgrowth: Boosts your max health as you farm.

Secondary Tree - Precision:

- Triumph: Provides health and gold on takedowns.

- Legend: Alacrity: Increases your attack speed.

 Stat Shards:

+10% Attack Speed

+6 Armor

+8 Magic Resist

Rammus Starter Items:

Rammus starter items

- Mosstomper Seedling

- Scorchclaw Pup

- Health Potion

Rammus First Back (If Ahead):

Rammus first recall

- Boots

- Aegis of the Legion

- Bramble Vest

- Crystalline Bracer

- Warden's Mail

Rammus First Back (If Behind):

Rammus FIrst Recall Behind

- Boots

- Cloth Armor

- Null-Magic Mantle

- Rejuvenation Bead

- Ruby Crystal

Rammus Core Items:

Rammus Core items

- Abyssal Mask

- Frozen Heart

- Thornmail

Rammus Full Build:

Rammus Full Build

- Evenshroud

- Plated Steelcaps

-Abyssal Mask


- Frozen Heart

- Warmog's Armor

Rammus Ability Details & Skill Order:

Rammus SKill Order

Spiked Shell (Passive): Rammus's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage.

Powerball (Q): Rammus accelerates in a ball, dealing damage and slowing enemies.

Defensive Ball Curl (W): Rammus gains increased Armor and Magic Resist.

Frenzying Taunt (E): Rammus taunts an enemy champion.

Soaring Slam (R): Rammus jumps and slams down, dealing damage in an area.

- Level 1: W

- Level 2: E

- Level 3: Q

- Max Order: Q -> E -> W

- Take a point in your R (ultimate) whenever possible (levels 6, 11, and 16).

Rammus General Playstyle:

Rammus Early Game:

Focus on farming and looking for gank opportunities. Rammus's Q allows for quick engages.

Rammus Mid Game:

Start participating in team fights and objectives. Use your W to tank damage and E to taunt key targets.

Rammus Late Game:

Act as the primary engage or peeler for your team. Your R can disrupt the enemy backline.

Rammus in Team Fights:

Engage with Q and try to taunt the enemy ADC or mid-laner with E. Use W to tank damage and R to disrupt the enemy team.

Rammus around Objectives:

- Dragons/Barons: Use your W to tank the damage. Secure it with smite. Always have vision around the pit.

Rammus Matchups:

Threats: Amumu (Extreme threat)

Synergies: Gangplank (Ideal synergy)

Additional Advice on how to play Rammus:

Rammus excels at engaging and disrupting the enemy team. Always look for opportunities to catch out key targets with your Q and E combo. Remember to adapt your item build based on the enemy team composition.

So, equipped with the turbo-charged wisdom of the Rammus Jungle Guide, you're now prepared to roll your enemies like they're the last slice of pizza at a party – and if that wasn't enough, you'll even treat them to a Soaring Slam that leaves them wondering if they accidentally joined a wrestling match. 

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