Real-time Valorant tracker overlay that gives you an edge!

Valorant game ending in a clutch

If you want to keep track of your success in Valorant, a tracker overlay is the way to go! Displaying comprehensive data on-screen while playing gives you an up-to-date overview of your chances for victory. In addition, there are dedicated websites that offer even more detailed stats than the game's own tracking system - helping you stay one step ahead against any opponent.

If you're seeking a method to give yourself an advantage during your next match, is the answer! This platform provides stats on both allies and adversaries so that you can make decisions in Split Second. Utilizing will provide an edge over your opponents and let you have the upper hand in any game situation.

To understand your chances of success while playing Valorant, you can easily find out your live stats and winning odds.

Valorant Jett using her ulti to kill another agent

If you want to not only get stats for Valorant and also want to have the latest Valorant kills. Download Gazoom to capture, edit and share your epic Valorant clips.

With, you can access insightful data on not only your team but also that of your adversaries - including their rank, K/D ratio and agent win rate. This information will appear right before you to assist in making decisions on whether or not there's a good chance for triumph against them. Moreover, understanding which agents they're most skilled at playing is advantageous when devising plans ahead of time.

For the privacy of its users, only displays publicly available data; those with private accounts remain completely anonymous and their stats are also concealed.'s vast collection of 19 agents makes it difficult to master all lineups - yet that's where this app truly shines! Users can watch video guides for each agent in order to explore new tactics during a match, so you can make sure to get the most out of your chosen loadout.

Stats that tracks:

  • K/D ratio
  • Most used agent
  • Least played agent
  • Win and loss rate
  • Headshot percentage
  • Top weapons Hours played


Can I get banned for using or Gazoom?

Rest assured that you are not in danger if you choose to utilize a stat tracker on Valorant or review your clips with Gazoom. Riot Games has given the developer's stamp of approval by allowing its usage via Overwolf, so feel free to make use of this application without fear of repercussions.

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