The best CSGO smoke spots on dust 2 - the ultimate guide!

These are the CSGO Dust 2 smokes that everyone should know in 2023. Learn these smokes and play like a pro!

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If you want to check them out right now in an article form enjoy the guide below.

csgo dust 2 - default smokes

1. A-Long smoke for T´s (no bind needed)

Directly target the heart of the mosaic and aim your crosshair at the tip of a palm tree leaf. Once you have established that, click your smoke to cast it into play - this may not be perfectly accurate due to lower ranks yet will still achieve its purpose. In order for this smoke trick to work without any external help or binds, I included it in my guide as it's straightforward and simple enough for anyone too remember!

CSGO dust 2 - A-Long smoke for T´s (no bind needed)

2. Easy X-Box Smoke (no bind needed)

Mastering the X-Box smoke has never been simpler! Align your crosshair with our reference image and aim for the end of the antenna. After releasing your smoke grenade, it should perfectly hit its mark on X-Box! This method is not only secure and effortless to establish, but there are no jump throw binds either -- making this approach suitable even if you lack speed. If you're searching for a reliable yet straightforward way to cast smokescreens over X-Box, then look no further than here!

csgo dust 2 - Easy X-Box Smoke

3. CT Smoke from X-Box

If you wish to execute a B-Split near the X-Box and are looking for guidance, stand such that only the shadowed portion above the middle doors is visible. Then locate and focus on the tiny dark patch on your left wall; take one small step forward before releasing your smoke.

csgo dust2 - CT Smoke from X-Box

4.Crossover smoke from long

The well-known crossover smoke at de_dust2 has become significantly more intricate due to the update. If you position yourself near the barell at long, aim slightly above the lamp and run quickly, your smoke should land perfectly when the antenna on the left touches the ceiling--all without needing any binds! However, do take note that it's no longer possible to completely block off crossover with a single smoke; either two separate smokes are necessary or taking a risk is inevitable. Regardless of this complexity upgrade though, some practice will let you master this technique in no time!

csgo dust2 - Crossover smoke from long

5. CT Smoke from Short

Strategically position yourself in the corner of short and aim for the top center of the small mosaic wall. Execute a left click throw, then your smoke will bounce off immaculately to provide a perfect block against any vision from CT Spawn. Do remember that there is still potential to spot an opening on top when executing this type of smoke grenade maneuver.

csgo dust2 - CT Smoke from Short

6. B-Tunnels smoke from outside B

If you want your smoke grenade to land directly at the entrance of B-Tunnels, stand near the wall in front of BombSite B and shoot towards the crane above it. Execute a simple left click throw, and voila! This tactic works best when used as soon as possible during each round.

csgo dust2 - B-Tunnels smoke from outside B

7. Mid crossover smoke

This smoke is identical to the one from de_dust2's older version. Even so, I decided to include it in this guide for all new players out there. When you place your crosshair as shown and throw your nade, you'll be able cross doors safely with minimal risk of being shot by an enemy AWPer. If you don't want to waste a smoke too early into the round, substitute it with a High Explosive Grenade!

cs go dust 2 -  Mid crossover smoke

8. B-plat smoke from mid to B

Plat can be an intimidating position to play against, however this smoke will make it much easier. Keep in mind that although helpful, the smoke cannot conceal you from players pushing tunnels. To execute the perfect smokescreen coming out of B site at Plat head to the far edge of building's shadow and place your crosshair as indicated before left-clicking your mouse for a safe entry through doors or Widow maker spots.

csgo dust 2 - B-plat smoke from mid to B

9. Scaffold smoke

If you've observed your opponent using the Scaffold position in several past rounds, it's likely they'll be there again. Combating them from this spot by smoking off their area provides an immense opportunity to gain an upper hand and make them retreat. To do so, move into the corner closest to Counter Terrorists spawn place then adjust your crosshair as illustrated in the image provided with this tutorial. Left click on your smoke grenade; it will bounce a few times before finally settling exactly where you intended for it to go!

csgo dust 2 - Scaffold smoke


1. Pop-Flash A Site

Towering over the small ledge on short A, you can take a 180-degree angle stance and aim for its exact center. The swiftness of your flash will outmaneuver anyone attempting to monitor from that area - leaving them virtually no time to react quickly. This strategy is straightforward yet highly effective!

csgo dust 2 -Pop-Flash A Site

2. Short Pop-Flash (CT perspective)

For an effortless frag, place yourself in the corner of short A and target your flash grenade at the 3 bar atop of tiny green roof. When you left-click, it will be a slow but effective move to surprise everybody on Short... except for those hugging closely against the wall.

csgo dust 2 - Short Pop-Flash

3. Short Pop-Flash (T perspective)

Furthermore, we need to consider the Terrorist perspective of using a Short pop-Flash. This flash only operates on recent versions of the map, so make sure that's taken into account when you're playing in an offline lobby or community servers utilizing workshop version maps. All you have to do is throw your flash at the small window and it'll bounce off flashing any CTs holding short.

csgo dust 2 - Short Pop-Flash

4. A-Long Pop-Flash for CT´s

Without a doubt, the most renowned Pop-Flash on de_dust2. Quickly launch your flash against the wall ahead of you and peek shortly after it explodes. By executing this technique correctly, any opponent in Long will be blinded, or at least facing away from you; consequently providing a chance for some quick and secure kills!

csgo dust 2 - A-Long Pop-Flash for CT´s

5. Old Pop-Flash into B-Site

If you're looking to retake bombsite B, the old and reliable "Pop-Flash" is a great option. Simply toss your flashbang in front of the doors at B Site - it will pass right through them, dazzling anyone on the other side that was preparing to shoot! While not as powerful as some flashes, this classic trick should help swing any situation on B Site in your favor.

cs go dust 2 -  Old Pop-Flash into B-Site

6. Cheeky and unavoidable B-Site Pop-Flash (for CT´s)

If you want to dominate the competition, try taking position in the cheeky corner of Bombsite B and targeting precisely according to the image. When your flash is ready, quickly spin around for easy kills through B Tunnel - but beware! Don't overuse this tactic or else you might end up being on the other side of it with opponents counter-attacking accordingly.

csgo dust 2 - Cheeky and unavoidable B-Site Pop-Flash (for CT´s)

7. A-Long Pop-Flash for T´s

Strategically tossing a flash-bang at A-long on Dust 2 has become more difficult with the new version. For an effective pop, left click to toss your flash over the highlighted building in the picture and then quickly peek long for a guaranteed kill! However, be cautious not to hit against any walls or you'll end up blinding yourself and your comrades.

csgo dust 2 - A-Long Pop-Flash for T´s

8. Pop-Flash from car

When playing on car, it's usually a game of life or death - typically with the latter being more common due to peeking advantage. But now you can turn this around! By pressing RIGHT and LEFT click simultaneously while pointing your crosshair as shown in the image, you will be able to surprise your opponents and have an easy time taking them out. So try this great pop flash tactic today and watch your success rate skyrocket!

csgo dust 2 - Pop-Flash from car

9. Pop-Flash for CT´s holding B

Taking a proactive approach to the situation, you can gain an immense advantage by quickly rushing into B with 1 or 2 flashes. If done correctly, your opponents will be caught off guard and unable to prepare in time. Make sure to have yourself placed exactly where you need it and that your crosshair is also set properly before throwing the flashbang. Placed at this ideal spot, these simultaneous actions taken will successfully leave no room for reaction from enemies which gives them little chance of survival or counterattack!

csgo dust 2 - Pop-Flash for CT´s holding B

10. A-Doors Pop-Flash for T´s

To easily flash the enemy CT holding long, stand in the right corner of the Door area and place your crosshair at the edge of the column. Utilizing this method will guarantee a full flash on opposing players for an effortless frag!

cs go dust 2 - A-Doors Pop-Flash for T´s

11. A-Doors Pop-Flash for CT´s

Valve has changed up de_dust2 with the addition of a big lantern near pit. This can be used to make strategic plays, like reflecting flashes, grenades and molotovs towards A-Doors. It won't always hit its target directly, yet it will still cause considerable injury for anyone pushing or peeking from doors as well as blinding their view. Taking advantage of this resource is sure to give you an edge over your adversaries!

csgo dust 2 - A-Doors Pop-Flash for CT´s

12. Catacombs Pop-Flash

Afraid of CT´s pushing or hiding in Catacombs? No worries. Just throw a flash down the staircase to blind them. The timing of this flash is good because it prevents your opponent from turning away and allows you to push with it.

csgo dust 2 - Catacombs Pop-Flash

13. Mid Pop-Flash from X-Box

Position yourself in the corner of X-Box and use your flash to aim at the very top right edge. Once you left click, it will create an effective combination with a CT smoke that is perfect for mid to B pushing and not only blind your enemy AWPer but also provide clarity on where they are located.

csgo dust 2 - Mid Pop-Flash from X-Box

14. Surprise Pop-Flash on short

With this Pop-Flash, you can surprise your enemy and gain the tactical advantage. To execute it properly, hold the Off-Angle position as illustrated and throw your flash with a left click against the wall while peeking around. Your foes on short will be disoriented instantly since they won't have enough time to react. Don't forget to take cover after securing all possible kills!

csgo dust 2 - Surprise Pop-Flash on short

15. B-Site Pop-Flash for retakes

Position yourself close to the window, target the gigantic beam right beside you, and keep your crosshair pointed at the dark patch. Throw a flashbang in that direction afterward; anyone occupying B will be entirely disoriented with no time to respond.

csgo dust 2 - B-Site Pop-Flash for retakes

16. Mid Pop-Flash for CT´s

Transform the unpredictable team of Terrorists on mid to B with this impressive Pop-Flash! Make a swift left click throw and watch as it ricochets off the column, dazzling any nearby enemies. Timing is everything; if you are successful in your attempt, then expect at least one easy kill without fail. This flash will surely leave anyone startled and confused – so make sure you act swiftly for maximum success!

csgo dust 2 - Mid Pop-Flash for CT´s


1. A-Site Molotov

After the update, it became a bit more difficult to successfully launch a molotov at A-Site from Short. However, you are still able to scorch your enemies on that position without any issues; just make sure to aim for the leaf of the palm tree and quickly throw your firebomb. Keep in mind though - be cautious not to expose yourself when there might be some players lurking near Goose!

csgo dust 2 - A-Site Molotov

2. B Car Molotov

Position yourself as illustrated in the images and aim your crosshair above B doors. Press left click to throw a molotov that will burn away any enemy clinging on car. This particular move is incredibly effective for forcing enemies out of their cover, especially when it comes to retaking sites! With this post plant molotov, you'll easily secure advantageous positioning throughout each match.

csgo dust 2 - B Car Molotov

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