The ultimate CSGO callouts on Cache in 2023

Here are all the must-know CSGO callouts on Cache! Learn them and give your teammate an advantage by clearly communicating where the enemies are!

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CSGO Cache callouts

Cache - A-Site callouts

  1. A-Main - The main entrance to A-Site from T-Spawn, located through a warehouse.
  2. Squeaky - A side entrance to A-Site with a distinctive squeaky door.
  3. Forklift - A yellow forklift on A-Site, providing cover and sightlines to A-Main and Catwalk.
  4. Quad - A set of boxes near A-Site, offering cover and sightlines to A-Main, Squeaky, and Catwalk.
  5. Catwalk - An elevated walkway connecting A-Site to Mid.
  6. A-Site - The bombsite itself, featuring multiple boxes and other obstacles for cover.
  7. Default - The most common spot to plant the bomb on A-Site, behind a set of boxes near A-Main.
  8. NBK - A corner on A-Site, named after the professional player "NBK," providing cover from A-Main and Squeaky.
  9. Balcony - An elevated platform overlooking A-Site from CT-Spawn, useful for holding or retaking the site.

Cache - B-Site callouts

  1. B-Main - The main entrance to B-Site from T-Spawn, leading through a warehouse.
  2. Sun Room - A room adjacent to B-Main, providing an alternative angle for attacking B-Site.
  3. Checkers - A small area connecting B-Main to B-Site, with sightlines to Heaven and Tree Room.
  4. Vent - A pair of vents connecting Mid to Checkers, allowing for quick rotations.
  5. Headshot - A position behind a box on B-Site, offering cover and a narrow sightline to B-Main.
  6. Default - The most common spot to plant the bomb on B-Site, behind a set of boxes near B-Main.
  7. Heaven - An elevated position overlooking B-Site, accessible from CT-Spawn via a ladder.
  8. Tree Room - A room with sightlines to B-Site, useful for holding or retaking the site.

Cache - Mid callouts

  1. Mid - The central area of the map, connecting T-Spawn, CT-Spawn, and both bombsites.
  2. Boost - A stack of boxes in Mid, allowing players to be boosted for a better sightline.
  3. Sandbags - A collection of sandbags in Mid, offering cover and a defensive position.
  4. Z-Connector - A passage connecting CT-Spawn to Mid, shaped like the letter "Z."
  5. White Box - A large box in Mid, providing cover for players holding or pushing the area.

Cache - other callouts

  1. T Spawn: This is the area where the T team spawns at the start of the round.
  2. CT Garage: This is a garage area near the A site that leads to the CT spawn.
  3. Squeaky: This is a small door near the A site that makes a squeaky sound when opened.
  4. White Box: This is a white container near mid that players can use for cover.
  5. Vent Room: This is a small room on the B site that is accessible through the vents.

Now you are a pro at all the Cache callouts and you are one step closer to ranking up faster!

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