The ultimate CSGO callouts on Inferno in 2023

Here are all the must-know CSGO callouts on Inferno! Learn them and give your teammate an advantage by clearly communicating where the enemies are!

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CSGO Inferno lineups and callouts

Inferno - A-Site callouts

  1. Mid - The central path connecting T-Spawn to A-Site.
  2. Second Mid - An alternative route from T-Spawn to A-Site, parallel to Mid.
  3. Boiler - A small room with a boiler in it, connecting Second Mid to A Short.
  4. A Short - The path from Mid to A-Site, passing by Apartments.
  5. Apartments - A series of rooms and balconies overlooking A-Site, accessible from Second Mid and A Short.
  6. Pit - A lowered area near A-Site, providing cover and sightlines to Apartments and A Short.
  7. Graveyard - An elevated platform near Pit, with cover and sightlines to A-Site.
  8. A-Site - The bombsite itself, with several boxes and other obstacles for cover.
  9. Default - A common spot to plant the bomb on A-Site, behind the boxes near Pit.
  10. Mini Pit - A small alcove near Pit, offering limited cover.

Inferno - B-Site callouts

  1. Banana - A curved path connecting T-Spawn to B-Site,
  2. Car - An old, damaged car near the entrance to Banana, providing cover for players.
  3. Logs - A stack of wooden logs along the wall of Banana, often used as cover.
  4. Sandbags - A set of sandbags in Banana, providing cover for players holding the area.
  5. B-Site - The bombsite itself, with various crates, barrels, and obstacles for cover.
  6. Dark/Emo - A dark corner at the back of B-Site, often used for hiding or defending the bomb.
  7. New Box/First Oranges - A large box on B-Site, close to the entrance from Banana.
  8. Second Oranges - A second large box on B-Site, located behind New Box.
  9. Fountain - A water fountain located in the center of B-Site, occasionally used for cover.
  10. Construction - The area between CT-Spawn and B-Site, providing a rotation path for CTs.

Inferno - Mid callouts

  1. Arch - A stone arch near A-Site, connecting Mid to CT-Spawn and Library.
  2. Library - A small building with sightlines to A-Site and Arch, offering cover for rotating players.
  3. Cubby - A small alcove near Arch, providing cover for players holding Mid.

Inferno - T-Spawn callouts

  1. T-Spawn - The initial spawn point for the Terrorist team, connecting to Mid, Second Mid, and Banana.
  2. T Ramp - A sloping area leading from T-Spawn to Banana.

Inferno - CT-Spawn callouts

  1. CT-Spawn - The initial spawn point for the Counter-Terrorist team, connecting to A-Site, B-Site, and Arch.

Inferno - Other Callouts

  1. Mexico/Underpass - A small tunnel connecting Mid to Banana, allowing for alternative rotations.
  2. Hay Cart - A cart with hay bales located in Second Mid, providing cover and a potential boost spot.
  3. Balcony - An elevated position overlooking A-Site, accessible from Apartments.
  4. Moto - A small area behind Library, named after the professional player "Moto," providing cover for CTs rotating to A-Site.
  5. Quad - A corner on A-Site, formed by the intersection of A Short and Apartments, offering cover for defenders.
  6. Broken Wall - A partially destroyed wall in Banana, useful for cover or as a one-way sightline.
CSGO Inferno callouts

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