The ultimate CSGO callouts on Nuke in 2023

Here are all the must-know CSGO callouts on Nuke! Learn them and give your teammate an advantage by clearly communicating where the enemies are!

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CSGO Nuke lineups and callouts

Nuke - A-Site callouts

  1. A Main - The primary entrance to A-Site from Lobby.
  2. Squeaky - A door located in A Main, providing access to A-Site.
  3. Hut - A small room connected to Lobby, offering an alternative entrance to A-Site.
  4. Silo - A large, cylindrical structure on A-Site, often used for cover or as a landmark.
  5. Heaven - An elevated area overlooking A-Site, accessible from Catwalk and Ladder.
  6. Mini - A small building with a window and door, providing sightlines to A-Site and Outside.

Nuke - B-Site callouts

  1. Ramp - A sloped area connecting Lobby to B-Site, providing a primary entrance to the lower level.
  2. Control Room - A room adjacent to B-Site, featuring control panels and windows overlooking the site.
  3. Toxic - A small room with a closed door, located near B-Site, often used for hiding or ambushing.
  4. Decon - A decontamination room with a door connecting to B-Site, providing cover and an alternative entrance.
  5. Double Doors - Two large doors leading into B-Site from Control Room and Decon.
  6. Dark/Secret - A small, dark corner on B-Site, often used as a hiding spot for defenders.

Nuke - Outside callouts

  1. Outside - The open area adjacent to A-Site and B-Site, providing access to multiple locations.
  2. T Red - A red container near T-Spawn, offering cover and sightlines to Outside.
  3. CT Red - A red container near CT-Spawn, offering cover and sightlines to Outside.
  4. Garage - A small building near Outside, providing cover for players holding the area.
  5. Secret - A set of stairs connecting Outside to B-Site, allowing for alternative rotations.

Nuke - T-Spawn callouts

  1. T-Spawn - The initial spawn point for the Terrorist team, connecting to Lobby and Outside.
  2. T Roof - The roof area above T-Spawn, accessible by climbing a ladder, offering access to Silo and Catwalk.

Nuke - CT-Spawn callouts

  1. CT-Spawn - The initial spawn point for the Counter-Terrorist team, connecting to A-Site, B-Site, and Outside.
  2. Catwalk - A narrow walkway connecting CT-Spawn to Heaven, offering sightlines to A-Site

CSGO Nuke callouts

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