Gazoom Capture Tool
Capture & Review your gaming clips!
Never miss out on any of your epic gaming moments. Utilize the VOD tool to review your clips with your friends. Rank up with your squad by creating new strategies or getting inspired by community or pro strats. Building block style strategy creator that makes creating and understanding complicated strategies easy.
What makes Gazoom a great capture and review tool?
Capture your clips
Capture your special gaming clips with a press of a button or let Gazoom capture game events automatically.
Gazoom Review Tool
VOD review
Review, analyse and comment on your or your friend’s gameplay.
Share on socials
Share your gaming clips across Discord, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube & Gfycat.
Cloud storage
Safe storage on your PC and store your clips in the cloud.
How does Gazoom work?
Gazoom runs in the background while you play your favorite video game. Enjoy the automatic capture feature for a range of games or simply press the capture button to clip your special gaming moments.
Gazoom Desktop App Onboarding
Install & setup Gazoom
Personalize your capturing settings and you are ready to go!
Enjoy your gameplay and now you will never miss out on any of your epic clips.
Clip your best gameplay
Clutched a round? Your buddy failed miserably? Press a button or use your event based auto-capturing feature.
Gazoom Desktop App My Clips
Review your clips
Review your epic clips and see what you did awesome and what you can improve on!
Gazoom Desktop App Editor
Edit your clips with ease.
Gazoom Desktop App Share Screen
Share your epic clips
Share your gaming clips with your friends or across Discord, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or Gazoom.
VOD Review Tool
This VOD review tool enables you to review your clips with your friends and analyze the every moment. Simply upload a clip from our desktop app or manually upload it to our coaching tool webapp. Once it is uploaded start your review with timestamped comments, and other great whiteboard features.
VOD Review Tool
How does the VOD review tool work?
VOD Tool Login/ Upload
Upload your clip
Use the Gazoom desktop app and press the review button or just simply upload a clip to the website.
VOD Review Tool
Start reviewing
Use the advanced whiteboard and timeline features and start reviewing.
Shareable link to VOD
Get your friends feedback
Share the link to your reviewing sessions and let them comment on your clip.
What do gamers say about us?
I love the VOD Review Tool! It helps me review my friends' as well as my own gaming footage.
Great tool to share my Apex clips on Discord!
Cool App! Love that it captures my clips automatically.
"I am going to be the Pirate King!"
Monkey D. Luffy
Future Pirate King