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Atomic Ziggs Support Guide (latest patch) - Dropping bombs like Oppenheimer!

Welcome to our atomic Ziggs Support Guide, where we're dropping bombs in bot lane Oppenheimer style!"

Ziggs Support Summoner Spells:

Ziggs Support Summoner Spells Exhaust

1. Flash: Essential for positioning, escaping, or engaging.

1. Exhaust: Slows down enemies and reduces their damage output, making it easier for your ADC to secure kills.

Ziggs Support Summoner Spells ignite

3. Ignite: Useful if you're confident in the lane matchup and see kill potential. It's also effective against healing supports like Yuumi or Nami.

Ziggs Support Runes:

Ziggs Support Runes

Primary (Sorcery):

  - Arcane Comet: Increases poke damage.

  - Manaflow Band: Helps with mana sustain.

  - Transcendence: CDR for abilities.

  - Scorch: Additional poke damage.

Secondary (Inspiration):

  - Magical Footwear: Free boots.

  - Biscuit Delivery: Sustain in lane.

Stat Shards: (Not provided in the sheet)

+8 ability haste

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)

Ziggs Support Starting Items:

Ziggs Support Starting Items

Spellthief's Edge, 2x Health Potions, Stealth Ward

Zigggs Full Build (Oppenheimer style):

ZIggs Support Full Build

1. Spellthief's Edge 

2. Sorcerer's Shoes

3. Night Harvester

4. Horizon Focus

5. Morellonomicon

6. Watchful Wardstone

Ziggs Support Abilities & Skill Order:

Ziggs Support Skill Order

Passive - Short Fuse: Ziggs' basic attacks deal bonus magic damage. This effect has a cooldown.

Q - Bouncing Bomb: Ziggs throws a bomb that bounces and explodes, dealing damage.

W - Satchel Charge: Ziggs flings an explosive charge that can be detonated to knock away enemies and destroy terrain.

E - Hexplosive Minefield: Ziggs scatters mines that explode on contact, slowing and damaging enemies.

R - Mega Inferno Bomb: Ziggs deploys his ultimate bomb, dealing massive area damage.

Ziggs Support Farming:

As a Ziggs support, you won't be focusing on farming. However, you can use your abilities to help your ADC secure farm under turret.

Ziggs Support  during the Laning Phase:

Focus on poking the enemy with your Q and auto-attacks. Use W for disengage or to set up plays. E can be used to zone enemies or slow them for ganks.

Ziggs Support in the Mid Game:

Look for opportunities to use your ultimate in skirmishes. Use your abilities to wave clear and defend or siege turrets.

Ziggs Support Late Game:

Stay in the backline during teamfights, using your abilities to deal damage from a distance. Your ultimate can turn the tide of a fight, so use it wisely.

Ziggs Support during Teamfighting:

Positioning: Stay in the back and use your range to your advantage. Avoid getting caught by enemy engage tools.

 Target Selection: Focus on hitting as many enemies as possible with your AOE abilities. Prioritize squishy targets with your Q and R.

Ziggs Support around Objectives:

Dragon/Baron: Use your abilities to zone the enemy team away from the objective. Your ultimate can be used to steal objectives or deal massive damage to clustered enemies.

Ziggs Support Matchups:

Threats: Yasuo is an extreme threat due to his high mobility and Wind Wall, which can block Ziggs' abilities. Play cautiously and use your Satchel Charge defensively.

Additional Advice:

Warding: Regularly ward the river and tri-bush to avoid ganks. Use Control Wards to secure vision around objectives.

Roaming: If your ADC is safe, consider roaming mid or helping your jungler to secure objectives or get vision.

Thanks for sticking around with the Ziggs Support Guide - take cover in the bunker and drop your bombs!

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