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Best Clipping Software For Rainbow Six Siege in 2023

Gazoom's Gaming Session Overview (2022)

Have you ever wished that your most amazing rounds in Rainbow 6 Siege were automatically recorded? If so, this guide is for you! We have compiled the best gaming recording software available to capture those epic moments. With these options at your disposal, it has never been easier to record and share your greatest feats with friends. So what are you waiting for? Choose the one that's right for you and start preserving those victories today!

Best Recording Software for  Rainbow Six Siege

Gazoom is a super easy way to capture and share your epic/funny Rainbow Six Siege clips with your friends anywhere, anytime.  If you just clutched the last round or got killed and just want to rewatch it, no worries Gazoom has you covered. It captures automatically kills/deaths and if you have something funny just press a hotkey.Gazoom is the perfect way to immortalize and share your incredible, hilarious Rainbow Six Siege moments with friends all around the world. If you just managed a clutch or got wiped out but still want to relive it – don't worry! Gazoom has your back - automatically capturing kills/deaths as they happen, and allowing you to press a hotkey for those funny clips that arise in-game.

How does Gazoom allow me to share my Rainbow Six Siege clips with friends on Discord?

Gazoom is the ideal way to capture and share your Rainbow 6 Siege gaming highlights! With their powerful desktop app and mobile application, you can effortlessly edit, sync, and upload your clips directly onto social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter or Discord. Plus with Gazoom's cloud sync feature you don't have to worry about accessing them from anywhere - so now you can show off all of those amazing R6s moments with friends on the go. On average an R6S clip is usually between 30 seconds up to 2 minutes depending on how many kills/assist are captured in it; but not only that – over 300 different titles are supported by Gazoom too. So no matter what game title it might be - rest assured there’s always a spot for you at Gazoom!

Don't sweat if your Rainbow 6 Siege coach needs you to record an entire match - Gazoom has you covered. That way, they can review the gameplay and offer immediate feedback. But as well as that, why not use Gazoom's innovative coaching tool to assess clips with friends? It'll give you a greater understanding of how to improve your gaming skills in no time!

Edit & Share your Rainbow Six Siege clips

Gazoom's Editor Screen (2022)

Gazoom makes it simple to craft awesome Rainbow Six Siege compilations of your most remarkable moments and share them with friends on popular social media platforms such as Discord, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook. However you prefer they receive it - be that a link shared via WhatsApp or the clip itself - Gazoom has you covered!

Geforce Experience - The best tool if you want to stream to Twitch

Geforce Experience Launcher Overview (2022)

GeForce Experience, a free recording tool available with all GeForce Graphics cards, is designed to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. No need to worry about downloading extra programs or trying to figure out hard-to-navigate settings; GeForce's user friendly features take care of it for you! And not just that - the program can also help boost both your game performance and skill level while capturing some awesome gameplay footage too.

AMD ReLive - Advance Streaming Software

AMD Relive Launcher Overview (2022)

AMD Relive is an ideal choice for those looking to capture their Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. It's stocked with plenty of features that make it a breeze to record and stream, plus if you're using an AMD graphics card there won't be any need for extra software downloads! Additionally, AMD Relive keeps your drivers up-to-date so you can take advantage of improved performance or fixes for all the games in your library.


Looking for a fast, straightforward way to capture and share your best gaming moments? Gazoom is the ultimate solution! Or if you'd prefer streaming instead, GeForce Experience will rock your world - but only if you have an Nvidia graphics card. If AMD's what you've got then check out Relive. In either case we guarantee that capturing clips of Rainbow Six Siege with our suggested tools will result in some pretty epic recordings!

Clip, edit & share your gaming highlights! Improve one clip at a time!