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Blinding Quinn Top Guide (latest patch) - Blinding your enemies!

Welcome to the aerial acrobatics of League of Legends, where the Quinn Top Guide is poised to show you that "Blinding Assault" isn't just a skill name – it's a way of life for enemies unfortunate enough to face you in the top lane! From swooping down like a bird of prey to leaving foes more disoriented than a squirrel in a disco, get ready to dive into a guide that's as sharp as Quinn's arrows and as whimsical as her avian adventures!

Quinn Summoner Spells:

QUinn Summoner Spells

- Flash

- Ignite

Quinn Runes:

Quinn Runes

Primary (Inspiration):

  - First Strike

  - Magical Footwear

  - Future's Market

  - Cosmic Insight

Secondary (Precision):

  - Legend: Alacrity

  - Cut Down

Stat Shards:

- The specific stat shards were not provided in the document.

Quinn Ghostblade Build:

Quinn Ghostblade Build

  - Statikk Shiv

  - Berserker's Greaves

  - Youmuu's Ghostblade

  - The Collector

  - Lord Dominik's Regards

  - Bloodthirster

Quinn Waveclear Build:

Quinn Waveclear Build

  - Statikk Shiv

  - Berserker's Greaves

  - Galeforce

  - Wit's End

  - Lord Dominik's Regards

  - Bloodthirster

Quinn Lethality Build:

Quinn Lethality Build

  - Youmuu's Ghostblade

  - Berserker's Greaves

  - The Collector

  - Lord Dominik's Regards

  - Essence Reaver

  - Bloodthirster

Quinn Ability Details & Skill Order Against Ranged Matchups:

Quinn Skill ORder

Harrier (Passive): Periodically marks a nearby visible enemy. The mark reveals the enemy for 4 seconds. If you hit an enemy with Blinding Assault, Vault, or Skystrike, they will also be marked.

Blinding Assault (Q): Quinn signals Valor to fly forward in a line, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. The primary target hit will be nearsighted for 1.5 seconds.

Heightened Senses (W): Attacking a vulnerable target will increase Quinn's movement speed and attack speed.

Vault (E): Quinn dashes to an enemy and deals physical damage and slowing the target.

Behind Enemy Lines (R): Quinn calls Valor and gains movement speeds, casting it again does an AOE damage.

- Level 1: E

- Level 2: Q

- Level 3: W

- Max Order: W -> Q -> E

- Take a point in your R (ultimate) whenever possible (levels 6, 11, and 16).

Quinn General Playstyle:

- Quinn is a versatile champion with a strong early, mid, and late game.

- She can play multiple roles: AD Carry, Assassin DPS, split pusher, etc.

- Quinn can run ignite every game to win lane easier, giving an edge since most enemies need to run Teleport.

- She is arguably the best 1v1 champ in the game due to her versatility.

- Quinn has no losing matchups 1v1 pre 6.

Quinn Advice on Farming:

- Use Harrier to last-hit minions effectively.

- Use Blinding Assault to poke and farm from a distance.

Quinn during the Laning Phase:

- Play aggressively, especially against melee champions.

- Save Vault to dodge skill shots or to disengage.

Quinn Early Game:

- Focus on farming and poking the enemy laner.

- Look for opportunities to roam with Behind Enemy Lines.

Quinn Mid Game:

- Split push and apply pressure on the map.

- Join team fights when necessary.

Quinn Late Game:

- Continue to split push and look for picks.

- In team fights, focus on taking out high-value targets.

Quinn Team Fights:

- Stay at the backline and use Blinding Assault to poke.

- Use Vault to disengage or to finish off low-health enemies.

Quinn Dragon and Baron Objective:

- Use Behind Enemy Lines to quickly rotate to objectives.

- Provide vision and poke with Blinding Assault.

Bad Matchups:

Irelia (Extreme Threat). Use Phase Rush to counter her slows and ultimate. Play aggressively pre-level 6 and save Vault to dodge Irelia's E or to disengage.

Additional Advice on playing Quinn:

- Quinn is a great champion to improve macro with due to her ultimate, Behind Enemy Lines.

- She never gets boring and is perfect for one-tricking.

Armed with the feathered brilliance of the Quinn Top Guide, you're now ready to dominate the top lane with all the grace of a soaring eagle and the ferocity of a well-aimed Blinding Assault that leaves enemies questioning their life choices and their eyesight.

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