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The Ultimate Blitzcrank Jungle Guide (Latest Patch) - Grab Your Way to Victory and Electrify the Leaderboards!

With this electrifying Blitzcrank jungle guide (latest patch, 13.16), you'll be pulling in wins and shocking your opponents!

Blitzcrank Jungle Runes:

Blitzcrank Jungle Runes

Primary (Precision):

Lethal Tempo: Helps with attack speed, beneficial for faster jungle clears.

Triumph: Provides sustain in the jungle and during skirmishes.

Legend: Alacrity: Further boosts attack speed.

Last Stand: Increases damage as Blitzcrank's health gets lower, useful for close fights.

Secondary (Sorcery):

Celerity: Boosts movement speed, aiding in ganks and rotations.

Waterwalking: Enhances river control, crucial for securing objectives like Dragon and Herald.

Stat Shards:

+10% Attack Speed

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)

Blitzcrank Jungle - Summoner Spells:

Blitzcrank jungle summoner spells

Flash: Essential for positioning, escaping, or engaging.

Smite: Mandatory for jungling, helps with clear and securing objectives.

Blitzcrank Jungle - Items:

Starting Items:

Gustwalker Hatchling, Mosstomper Seedling, Health Potion, Stealth Ward, Oracle Lens.

Blitzcrank Jungle - Full Build:

Beserker's Greaves, Blade of the Ruined King, Wit's End, Radiant Virtue, Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil

Blitzcrank Jungle - Ability Skill Order:

Blitzcrank Jungle Ability skill order

Q (Rocket Grab): Blitzcrank's signature ability. Useful for ganks and picks.

W (Overdrive): Provides a burst of speed and attack speed. Essential for jungle clear and chasing.

E (Power Fist): An auto-attack reset that knocks up the target. Great for ganks and peeling.

R (Static Field): AOE silence and passive damage. Useful in teamfights.

Blitzcrank Jungle - General Playstyle:

Early Game:

Focus on farming and look for gank opportunities with your Q. Your early game isn't the strongest, so be wary of invades.

Mid Game:

Look for picks with your Q and try to secure objectives. Your scaling starts to kick in.

Late Game:

Play around your team. A single good hook can change the outcome of a game.


Use W for the attack speed boost when clearing camps.

Use E as an auto-attack reset for faster clears.

Be mindful of your mana, especially if you're using Q often.

Teamfights as Blitzcrank Jungle:

Look for key targets to hook.

Use R to silence high-impact abilities.

Peel for your carries with E.

Dragon and Baron fights as Blitzcrank Jungle:

Use Smite to secure Dragons and Barons.

Look for picks before starting an objective.

Use Oracle Lens to clear vision.

Blitzcrank Jungle - Matchups:

Threats: The guide mentions some extreme threats but doesn't specify which champions. Typically, early-game aggressive junglers can pose a threat to Blitzcrank.

Synergies: Orianna is mentioned as an ideal synergy due to her damage, utility, and the combination of her ball with Blitzcrank's grab.

Blitzcrank jungle - Strengths:

Confuses enemies due to the unconventional pick.

Strong scaling into the mid and late game.

Game-changing potential with Rocket Grab.

Blitzcrank jungle - Weaknesses:

Self-slow from Overdrive can be problematic.

Not a strong early-game champion.

Risk of being flamed by teammates for the unconventional pick.

Enjoy this ultimate Blitzcrank Jungle guide (latest patch, 13.16). 

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