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Learn how to build the best Valorant strats that help you and your friends rank up!

How Valorant mapping helps you to create the ultimate Valorant strats!

Valorant mapping enables you to create amazing Valorant Strats with an interactive map. You can easily sequence all steps for the ultimate spike site take over including the agents and the abilities that are needed for it.

Valorant mapping tool

Below you can see one example of a A-site execution, built with this Valorant mapping tool. Start building your own and share it with your friends! 

Valorant mapping tool

If you are still new to Valorant and want to know what is essential to build a Valorant Strat, continue the article below.

What is important to know to build successful Valorant strats?

Creating a successful Valorant strategy involves understanding the game mechanics, team composition, map knowledge, and effective communication. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create a solid Valorant strategy:

1. Understand the game mechanics:

Before developing a strategy, it's essential to have a strong understanding of Valorant's mechanics, including agent abilities, weapons, economy, and the objective of each game mode.

2. Choose your agents wisely:

Select agents that complement each other, both in terms of abilities and playstyles. Consider creating a balanced team composition, including:

  • Duelists: for entry fragging and aggressive plays
  • Initiators: for gathering information and disrupting enemy defenses
  • Controllers: for map control and area denial
  • Sentinels: for anchoring sites and supporting teammates

3.  Map knowledge:

Study each map in detail to understand its layout, choke points, common plant locations, and sightlines. Consider the unique features of each map when formulating strategies, such as verticality, teleporters, and destructible terrain.

4.  Attacking strategy:

  • Split your team: Divide your team into smaller groups, with each group targeting different areas of the map. This approach can force defenders to split their resources and make it easier to take control of key locations.
  • Fake pushes: Send a few players to create noise and use their abilities to feign a push on one bombsite, while the rest of the team moves quietly towards the other bombsite.
  • Execute strategies: Develop set plays using agent abilities to take control of a bombsite. These can include coordinated smokes, flashes, or other utility usage to create safe entry points for your team.
  • Plant location: Choose plant locations that are easy to defend and have multiple sightlines for post-plant situations.

5.  Defending strategy:

  • Hold angles: Position your team to hold key angles and choke points on each bombsite. This can include playing off-site or adopting a more aggressive position to catch attackers off-guard.
  • Rotations: Be prepared to rotate quickly between bombsites as needed. Use agent abilities and communication to gather information and call for rotations when required.
  • Retake strategies: Develop plans for retaking bombsites, including coordinated utility usage and flanking maneuvers.
  • Eco rounds: Consider playing more conservatively on rounds with limited economy or stacking a bombsite to maximize your chances of winning.

6.  Communication:

Effective communication is crucial for executing any strategy. Make callouts for enemy positions, utility usage, and rotations. Develop a common vocabulary for callouts and ensure that all team members are on the same page.

7.  Adaptation:

Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on the enemy's playstyle, agent composition, and economy. Recognize patterns in their behavior and exploit their weaknesses.

8. Practice:

Regularly practice your strategies with your team to improve coordination and execution. Use custom games or scrimmage matches to refine your tactics and identify areas for improvement.

If you keep all this in mind, we are sure you will be building amazing Valorant Strats that will help you as well as your teammates rank up even faster! 

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