CS2 - The Best Anubis Smokes in 2023 - the ultimate guide!

These are the best CS 2 Anubis smokes that everyone needs to know in 2023. Learn these CS2 Anubis smokes and play like a pro!

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Anubis - Long - B Con Smoke 

This smoke is typically thrown from Long towards the B Connector (B Con) to block vision from players rotating through B Con. It helps terrorists secure the B site by limiting the visibility and movement of counter-terrorists.

Anubis - CT Spawn - Connector Smoke 

Anubis - CT Spawn - Connector Smoke 

Thrown from CT Spawn towards Connector, this smoke is used to block vision from players in Connector. It is useful for counter-terrorists to prevent terrorists from gaining control of mid and subsequently the A or B sites.

Anubis - CT Spawn - Top Mid Smoke 

This smoke is deployed from CT Spawn to Top Mid to obstruct terrorists' vision and control of the middle area of the map. It helps counter-terrorists defend against mid pushes and splits to either bomb site.

Anubis - T Spawn - Window Smoke 

Thrown from T Spawn towards the Window, this smoke blocks vision from counter-terrorists holding mid from Window. It allows terrorists to move up mid more safely without being seen from Window.

Anubis - Plateau - T Stairs Smoke

This smoke is used from the Plateau area towards T Stairs to block vision from terrorists pushing from their spawn towards the B site. It can be used by counter-terrorists to delay or disrupt a B site rush.

Anubis - Dropper - A Con Smoke

Anubis - Dropper - A Con Smoke

Thrown from the Dropper area towards A Connector (A Con), this smoke blocks vision for players in A Con. It is useful for terrorists when they are trying to take control of the A site, making it harder for counter-terrorists to rotate or retake the site.

Anubis - Boat - Plateau Entrance Smoke 

Anubis - Boat - Plateau Entrance Smoke

Deployed from the Boat area towards the Plateau Entrance, this smoke is used to block vision from players entering Plateau. It can be used by either team to control movement and visibility in the Plateau area, depending on the game's context.

Ultimate CS2 Anubis smokes 

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