CS2 - The Best Mirage Smokes in 2023 - the ultimate guide!

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Mirage - Underpass - Door Smoke

This smoke is used by players pushing through the underpass to block vision from enemies holding or peeking from the door area. It provides cover for players to move towards mid or B apartments without being seen from the door.

Mirage - Back Alley - Window Smoke

Players throw this smoke from the back alley to block vision from the mid window, allowing them to advance through mid without being spotted or sniped by defenders holding the window position.

Mirage - T Spawn - Sniper’s Nest Smoke

Thrown from T spawn, this smoke lands in the sniper’s nest (or window), blocking the view of CT snipers. This allows terrorists to move more freely in mid without the immediate threat of being picked off from the window.

Mirage - Mid Boxes - Sniper’s Nest Smoke

This smoke is deployed from the mid boxes towards the sniper’s nest. It provides cover for players in mid, allowing them to advance or reposition without being seen by enemies holding the sniper’s nest.

Mirage - Tetris - Connector Smoke

Thrown from Tetris, this smoke blocks vision from the connector, allowing terrorists to push onto the A site with reduced risk from CT players holding or rotating through the connector.

Mirage - Tetris - Jungle Smoke

Players throw this smoke from Tetris to block vision from the jungle area. This helps terrorists execute an A site take, minimizing the angles they need to check and isolating defenders on the site.

Mirage - T Roof - Connector Smoke

This smoke is thrown from T roof towards the stairs on A site. It blocks vision from CTs holding the stairs position, facilitating a safer approach and take of the A site by the terrorists.

Mirage - T Roof - Stairs Smoke

Mirage - T Roof - Stairs Smoke

Thrown from T roof, this smoke lands at the stairs on A site, obstructing vision for defenders holding at stairs. This allows terrorists to advance onto A site with reduced exposure to enemy fire.

Mirage - T Roof - A Site Smoke

Deployed from T roof, this smoke lands on A site, providing cover for terrorists as they push onto the site. It helps in isolating and eliminating defenders on the site during an A execute.

Mirage - T - Ticket Booth Smoke

Thrown from T spawn or the nearby area, this smoke lands on or near the ticket booth at A site. It blocks vision from CT spawn and ticket booth, allowing terrorists to push onto A site with less resistance from rotating or holding CTs.

Ultimate CS2 Mirage smokes 

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