CS2 - The Best Vertigo Smokes in 2023 - the ultimate guide!

These are the best CS2 Vertigo smokes that everyone needs to know in 2023. Learn these CS2 Vertigo smokes and play like a pro!

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Vertigo - Understairs to B Default Smoke

Vertigo - Understairs to B Default Smoke

This smoke is used to block the vision of players holding B default from understairs. It provides cover for terrorists pushing towards the B site, making it harder for defenders at B default to pick them off.

Vertigo - B Stairs to CTB Smoke

Thrown from B stairs towards CTB (Counter-Terrorist Base), this smoke obscures vision for CT players positioned at CTB. It aids terrorists in advancing onto the B site without being easily targeted from CTB.

Vertigo - CT Spawn to B Default Smoke

This defensive smoke is deployed from CT spawn towards B default to hinder terrorists’ sightlines and movement as they attempt to take control of the B site. It provides CTs with better positioning and control during retakes or holds.

Vertigo - T Mid to Guardians Smoke

Thrown from T Mid towards the Guardians area, this smoke is designed to block the line of sight for any CTs holding or watching from Guardians. It allows Ts to move more freely in the mid area without immediate threat from Guardians.

Vertigo - T Mid to CT Spawn Smoke

This smoke is used by terrorists in the mid area to block vision from CT spawn. It facilitates safer passage and control over mid, preventing CTs in spawn from having clear shots on Ts moving through mid.

Vertigo - T Mid to Elevators Smoke

Vertigo - T Mid to Elevators Smoke

Deployed from T Mid to the Elevators area, this smoke blocks vision for CTs at Elevators, allowing Ts to advance through mid with reduced risk of being seen or shot from the Elevators position.

Vertigo - Elevator to A Site Smoke

This smoke is thrown from the Elevator area towards A site to obstruct vision for players on the site. It is typically used during A site executes or retakes to provide cover and limit the information available to players holding A.

Vertigo - A Default to Scaffold Smoke

Deployed from A default towards the Scaffold, this smoke blocks vision for players at Scaffold. It allows for safer movement and positioning for players on A site, protecting them from T players pushing or peeking from Scaffold.

Vertigo - Ramp to A Back Site Smoke

Thrown from Ramp towards A Back Site, this smoke provides cover for terrorists executing on A site. It blocks vision from CTs holding at the back of A site, facilitating a safer approach and plant for Ts.

Vertigo - Top Ramp to Elevator Smoke

Deployed from Top Ramp towards Elevator, this smoke is used to block vision from players holding or watching from Elevator. It allows terrorists at Top Ramp to advance towards A site with reduced risk of being picked off from Elevator.

Ultimate CS2 Vertigo smokes 

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