Elevate Your Valorant Gameplay with Gazoom's Valorant strategy maker and Valorant recording tool

Gazoom is the ultimate Valorant strategy-maker tool

Gazoom enables you to:

  • Build Valorant strategies via an interactive map & share them with their teammates/friend
  • Learn all Agent lineups on an interactive map
  • Record and review all your Valorant sessions via their dedicated recording tool, which then can be easily accessed from the web and shared with your buddies on Discord

Valorant Lineups & strategies (tool):

  • Every agent's ability lineups for every map via a short video
  • Access to community-built strategies
  • Create and share personalized Valorant strategies with your friends/team
  • Test strategies in a virtual environment
  • get your Valorant callouts right with their integrated callout map

Record your Valorant gameplay (tool):

  • record your Valorant gameplay so that you can review the strategies that you have planned before
  • review your Valorant gameplay and draw on top of it to analyze missed plays or highlight certain moments (great tool for coaches)
  • Collaborate with teammates in real-time

Engage with the Gazoom Community

User-Generated Content:

  • Share your own Valorant strategies
  • Share your epic Valorant clips
  • Discover new strategies and tactics from fellow players
  • Try out the communities strategies and support those that you worked for you

Access to strategies from professional coaches:

  • Learn from professional Valorant coaches
  • Stay up-to-date with the competitive scene
  • Access their strategies and level up your game

Improve Your Game with Gazoom Tools

Valorant recording & review tool:

  • Sharpen your strategic thinking in Valorant
  • Practice utility usage via the Valorant strategy maker

Match Analysis and Replay Tools:

  • Review your matches with in-depth statistics
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Learn from your mistakes and successes

Gazoom is a great platform to build your own Valorant strategies or learn the proven strats of Valorant coaches as well as review your execution of your strategy with their recording tool.

Clip, edit & share your gaming highlights! Improve one clip at a time!