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Galio Top Guide (Latest Patch) - Rock Solid Plays to Soar Above the Rest!

With this ultimate Galio top guide (latest patch), you'll be grounding foes and taking flight to victory!

Galio Top Runes:

Galio Top Runes

Primary Tree (Resolve):

Grasp of the Undying: Provides sustain and bonus damage. Great for trading in lane.

Shield Bash: Enhances your trades after using a shield or gaining one.

Bone Plating: Reduces damage from trades, making you tankier in short engagements.

Overgrowth: Increases your max health as you farm, enhancing your tankiness.

Secondary Tree (Domination):

Cheap Shot: Deal additional damage to champions with impaired movement or actions.

Ultimate Hunter: Reduces the cooldown of your ultimate, allowing you to use it more frequently.

Stat Shards:

+8 ability haste

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)

Galio Top - Summoner Spells:

Galio Top summoner spells

Flash: Essential for positioning, escaping, or engaging.

Teleport: Allows you to quickly return to lane, split-push, or join team fights across the map.

Galio Top Full Item Guide:

Starting Items:

Aggressive Start:

Galio starter item

Dark Seal + 3 Health Potions

When to Buy: Opt for Dark Seal when you're confident in your ability to secure kills or assists without dying too often. It provides AP and a stacking mechanic that rewards aggressive play and snowballing.

Standard Start:

Galio starter items

Doran's Ring + 2 Health Potions

When to Buy: This is a solid all-around starting item for Galio. It provides health, ability power, and mana regeneration. It's a safe pick in most matchups.

Passive/Farming Start:

Tear of the Goddess + 3 Health Potions

When to Buy: If you anticipate a passive laning phase where you'll be using abilities frequently to farm from a distance or if you're planning on building items that evolve from Tear later in the game (like Archangel's Staff).


galio top first items to rush for

Sheen, Frozen Heart, Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Core Items:

Iceborn Gauntlet, Demonic Embrace, Warmog's Armor

Galio Top - Full Items Guide:

Galio Top - full item guide

Why these items?

Frozen Heart: Provides armor and reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies, great against AD champions.

Iceborn Gauntlet: Enhances your auto attacks after using an ability, providing more damage and a slow.

Demonic Embrace: Deals additional damage over time and provides bonus resistances.

Warmog's Armor: Grants massive health and health regeneration.

Spirit Visage: Increases healing and provides magic resist.

Galio Top - Ability Skill Order:

Galio Top - ability skill order

Winds of War (Q)

Shield of Durand (W)

Justice Punch (E)

Hero's Entrance (R)

Galio Top - General Playstyle:

Laning Phase: Focus on farming and using your Q to poke the enemy. Use W to mitigate damage and E for engaging or escaping.

Mid Game: Look for opportunities to use your ultimate (R) to assist your team in fights.

Late Game: Serve as a frontline tank for your team, initiating fights and peeling for your carries.

Advice on Farming as Galio Top:

Use your Q to clear minion waves quickly.

Remember that your passive, Colossal Smash, can help with last-hitting.

Team Fights as Galio Top:

Engage with E or a well-placed R.

Use W to taunt key enemy champions, especially their carries.

Protect your own carries and disrupt the enemy team with your crowd control.

Dragon and Baron fights as Galio:

Dragon and Baron: Use your R to quickly join fights around these objectives. Your W can be crucial for securing them by taunting enemies away.

Galio Top Matchups:

Bad Matchup: Aatrox (Extreme threat)

Good Matchups: Specific champions were not provided, but generally, Galio does well against champions he can easily taunt and poke with his Q.


Champions that can dive in with Galio, like Jarvan IV or Zac, can make great use of his ultimate for combined engages.

Enjoy this ultimate Galio Top guide (latest patch).

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