Valorant Heart Crosshair Guide

Valorant Heart Crosshair Guide

Do you like new and cool crosshairs in Valorant? Time to switch it up, show the enemies some love with your new heart crosshair. This crosshair design lets you play cupid and shoot the enemies with love! Time to enchant your teammates with your gameplay.

How can I get a heart-shaped crosshair in Valorant?

Applying the heart-shaped crosshair to your Valorant game is a breeze! Copy and paste the heart crosshair code given below into your Valorant settings, and you're ready to spread some love!

Valorant Heart Crosshair Code

Heart-Shaped Crosshair Code for Valorant:


Valorant Heart Crosshair

To see the heart crosshair in Valorant, press and hold down your trigger which will eliminate the top portion of your crosshair and unveil the hidden heart.  Be the Cupid you were meant to be and start spraying with some love! 💘

Valorant Heart Crosshair InGame

Build Valorant strategies and start rocking your heart-crosshair!

Beat your enemies with this Valorant strategy maker tool, which let's you build your own Valorant strats by accessing over a thousands lineups. You have a few minutes during day? Perfect, just create a new strategy that you are going to test later with your team. Don't worry you can share the startegy with a single button. So you don't have to try explaining the strategy via discord without any visuals.

valorant mapping tool

Now that you have your crosshair, it is time to level up your strats! Check out our Valorant Strategy Maker tool and start creating your own, or browse through the community strategies.

What other Valorant cool crosshairs are out there?

Ready to make a switch from the heart-shaped crosshair? We've got guides on both shuriken crosshair and flower crosshairs in Valorant, so you can find an option that suits your needs.

FAQs - Heart-Shaped Crosshair for Valorant

Is the heart-shaped crosshair in Valorant allowed in competitive matches?

Yes, the heart-shaped crosshair is allowed in competitive matches in Valorant. It's a popular choice among players who want a unique and aesthetically pleasing crosshair.

Will I get reported for using the heart-shaped crosshair in Valorant?

No, the heart-shaped crosshair is not offensive and is widely accepted in the Valorant community. You can use it without any fear of getting reported.

Is the heart-shaped crosshair in Valorant difficult to create?

Not at all, just copy and paste this crosshair code into your settings.


What other fun crosshairs in Valorant are out there?

There are many other fun crosshairs available in Valorant, including the smiley crosshair, star crosshair, shurikan crosshair and more. You can experiment with different crosshairs to find the one that suits your style.

Can I customize the heart-shaped crosshair in Valorant?

Yes, you can customize the heart-shaped crosshair in Valorant by adjusting its size, color, opacity, and other settings. Experiment with different settings to find the configuration that works best for you

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