How Coaching Improves Your High School eSports Team’s Performance

Coaching is essential for any high school sports team, as it instills positive values and helps athletes to work together. That same idea applies to eSports teams too! In recent years, PlayVS has made the prospect of starting an Esports program in a high school easier than ever before - leading to more schools across the country adopting these programs. However, many lack knowledge regarding specific games they are competing in and need external guidance or students stepping up alongside their coach training them on how-to's and tactics.

If you want your students and team to excel, it's essential that you design a program with the tools necessary for them to acquire each skill relevant to their game.

Short explanatory videos are a great way to teach the basics

To ensure League of Legends players gain a comprehensive understanding of the game, we suggest providing a series of instructional videos outside the program. That way, when they are in-game during practice sessions it can be more interactive and entertaining. Additionally, team scrimmages are an ideal method to fortify their collective bond as well as prepare them for competition days ahead. It is essential that gamers first go over the fundamentals such as roles, last-hitting minions, objectives (outer turrets), and how to ward properly before any further progress can be made.

Coaching requires a strong rapport between player and coach. Conversations about the game should be open, honest, and constructive if players are to make meaningful improvement over time. Coaches need to not only provide guidance but also serve as an extra source of support when needed by those who may be struggling or require additional assistance.

Recording tools help you see how well you and your team are doing. You can watch the recordings to see what needs to be improved.

High school eSports teams need recording tools to track and review their performance. These tools help coaches see what the team did well and what they need to work on. Just like traditional sports, post-game analysis is possible with these recording tools.

Gazoom is a specific recording and coaching tool that can automatically capture game highlights and mark important events, such as kills and deaths, on the video for easy review. Afterwards you can easily review it from any browser with your team or friends.This is a valuable resource for coaches and players to use in their daily training and to improve their gameplay. Gazoom can be downloaded on the right side with the download button.

There are some things you can use to help you do better in high school. You can look at what you did and see what you need to work on.

If you're a high school eSports coach looking to maximize your team's potential, Gazoom is the perfect tool for you. Our analysis and reviewing platform records gameplay and provides coaches with valuable insight into areas of improvement so they can guide their players in making the right strategic decisions. Take advantage of our closed beta program now and help elevate your team's performance!

Gazoom coaching/reviewing tool

For any high school eSports team striving for peak performance, having a knowledgeable and experienced coach is paramount. Without guidance from an expert in the field of competitive gaming, it will be difficult to reach success. Make sure you have what you need to get your team where it needs to go!

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