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How to find and best use your League of Legends stats and TFT stats in 2023

What are League of Legends Stats?

LOL stats are records of a player's performance in the game. These stats can include information such as the number of kills and assists a player has, the number of deaths they have suffered, and the amount of gold they have earned. Other statistics may include how many gold they have earned per minute, or the number of wins etc.

What are TFT Stats?

TFT stats are all the statistics of a player's performance in this game mode. These stats can include information such as the number of wins and losses a player has, the average placement they achieve in each game, and the number of champions they have collected.

Why are League of Legends Stats and TFT Stats Important?

It is important to understand your League of Legends and TFT stats if you want to become a great player. Analyzing these figures can help you see what you do well and what you need to improve. For example, if someone has a very high kill-to-death ratio, it may mean they are good at being an assassin.However, they could still improve their position or teamwork skills for better performance. Similarly, in Teamfight Tactics, having a high average placement means that the person is good at making strong teams. But this person will need more strategy to win more games.

League of Legends and TFT stats can help you compare how players do. You can use this to see who the best players are at certain roles or champions. Maybe you can learn from them or just show off to your friends.

How to Find League of Legends Stats and TFT Stats?

There are many places where you can find information about how players do in League of Legends and TFT games. The first place to look is the League of Legends client, which gives some information about each game. But this data does not show everything about how a player did over their lifetime or their overall win ratio.

There are other websites that you can use to find more detailed stats. Some of the best websites for finding League of Legends and TFT stats include:

Mobalytics - awesome visual representation of your LoL Stats

league of legends stats

Mobalytics tells you how well you did in your game. It will say if you won or lost, and what your score was. Mobalytics also tells you what you're good at and what you need to work on, and gives recommendations for how to get better.

OP.GG - simple way of showcasing your lol stats

league of legends analytics

OP.GG is a website that lets you look up stats for the game League of Legends. You can see how well someone does in each game, including how many kills and deaths they got, how much damage they dealt, and how much gold they earned. You can also see their overall win rate and ranking.


tftactics analytics

TFTactics tells you how well a player does in TFT. It shows the number of games played, the average placement, and the number of champions collected. It also recommends which compositions and items are best for each set of champions.

Understanding League of Legends Stats and TFT Stats

Once you have access to League of Legends and TFT stats, it is important to understand how to read them. Here are some tips:

  • The K/D ratio is a number that shows how good someone is at playing the game. It means how many times they kill people compared to how many times they die. But it's not the only thing that matters. Other things, like helping your team and working well with others, are also important.
  • Win rate: This stat measures how often a player wins when they play. If a player has a high win rate, it might mean that they are good at the game. But there are other things that can affect win rates too, like luck and who they are playing against.
  • Average placement: This number shows how well a player does in each game of TFT. A high average placement means the player is good at building a strong team. But it is important to remember that luck and RNG can also affect placement.
  • Gold earned/CS per minute: These stats are measures of a player's ability to earn gold and farm minions. A high gold earned or CS per minute can be big indicator of someone's success on the lane. The higher the gold earned/CS per minute the more likely they outfarmed their enemy and have better equipment than them. Of course if the enemy kills them 10x it is unlikely to be that high.

It is important for players to look at their stats if they want to improve their gameplay. Stats can help players understand what they are good at and what they need to work on. By using websites that show stats, players can get better at the game. Seasoned veterans and newcomers can both benefit from looking at their Lol stats and TFT stats.

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