Valorant Vagina Crosshair Guide

The Valorant Vagina Crosshair Tutorial

If you're looking for a way to spice up your VALORANT gameplay, why not try the Valorant vagina crosshair? That's right, a crosshair shaped like a vagina that's sure to bring some laughs and excitement to your matches. So, how do you go about getting one of these unique crosshairs? Well, luckily it's pretty simple. All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide and in no time at all you'll be ready to showcase your new vagina crosshair in the game!

How do I get the Valorant vagina crosshair?

It's just as easy as the penis crosshair in Valorant. Simply use the code below and you'll be ready to aim for the... well, you know where. Copy and paste the crosshair code into your Valorant settings.

Valorant Vagina Crosshair Code

Valorant vagina crosshair code:


Valorant Vagina Crosshair

With the Valorant vagina crosshair, you can aim for your enemies and show off your unique sense of humor. So give it a try and see what kind of reaction you get from your teammates and enemies. For those who can appreciate the humor, the Valorant vagina crosshair is a fun and unique way to spice up your gameplay.

Build Valorant strategies and start ranking up with your vagina-crosshair!

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What other Valorant cool crosshairs are out there?

Are you done using the vagina crosshair? want to switch it up ? Check out our guides on the  flower crosshair Valorant, heart crosshair Valorant, Valorant shuriken crosshair,


Is the vagina crosshair allowed in a competitive match in Valorant?

While we wouldn't recommend it, you can certainly use the vagina crosshair in a ranked game if you're feeling particularly bold (or foolish).

Will I get reported for offensive behavior if I use the vagina crosshair in Valorant?

It's possible. Not everyone can handle the sheer awesomeness of a vagina crosshair. Use at your own risk.

Is the vagina crosshair difficult to create?

No, just copy and paste the crosshair code into your settings in Valorant.


What other fun crosshairs are out there in Valorant?

There are various cool crosshairs available in Valorant, including the flower crosshair, smiley crosshair, heart crosshair, shuriken crosshair, and many more.

Is the vagina crosshair practical in Valorant?

Let's be honest, the vagina crosshair isn't practical at all. But who needs practicality when you've got a pixelated vulva on your screen?

Use at your own risk. Enjoy! 👍🏼👊🏼😎

Happy fragging!  🤙🏼✌️💣👾

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