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Conquer Valorant Premier with Gazoom's Valorant mapping tool. Leave your competition in the dust and ASCENT (pun intended). For those who haven't heard about Valorant Premier. Valorant Premier is Valorant's new team-based ranked system in which you can participate by forming a team and competing on specific maps in a series of weekly matches. If you want to read more on FAQs on Valorant Premier scroll down. Otherwise, let's get you ready to beat your entire Premier competition.

Outsmart your Valorant Premier competition with a Valorant mapping tool

Use Gazoom's Valorant mapping tool to map out your strats with your team. You can easily sequence entire spike takes or retakes. After you have mapped it all out you can share your Valorant strat with your teammates with a single click of a button.

valorant map planner

Sequencing, the key to break-down any Valorant strategy

Do you have a complex Valorant strat and want to explain it to your teammates or students? No worries, easily break your Valorant strat down step by step. They can easily click through all your steps. Additionally, you can record an audio track so that everyone who gets your link will be able to learn from you.

Can I share my Valorant strats with my teammates?

yes, you can share your strategy with a single click of a button with your friends or students. They can open these Valorant strats, and even save a copy to their own playbook. Remember if you refer them you can save more strategies!

Is the Valorant mapping tool free?

Yes it is. There is a free tier that allows you to strategy as well as share them with your friends. If you want to be able to save more strats you can invite friends or upgrade to premium. So get entire team on the tool and save more Valorant strategies!

How does Valorant Premier work?

During each act, you and your teammates will participate in weekly matches and compete against other teams. If you win enough matches in the Valorant Premier, you will qualify for a playoff tournament and have the chance to become one of the top teams in your skill division. The Premier is a great opportunity for groups of five friends to compete together, and for those who aspire to become professional players.

Now you are ready to conquer Valorant Premier with this Valorant Mapping tool in your hands!

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