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In-depth Crit Xin Zhao Mid Guide (latest patch) - Critting with Determination!

Welcome to the Crit Xin Zhao Mid guide, where we turn the Art of War into the Art of 'Whack-a-Champ'! Dive in and discover how to make your enemies question their life choices as their health bar disappears!

Crit Xin Zhao Summoner Spells:

Crit Xin Zhao Summoner Spells

1. Flash

2. Ignite

Crit Xin Zhao Runes:

Crit Xin Zhao Runes


  1. Lethal Tempo

  2. Triumph

  3. Legend: Alacrity

  4. Coup de Grace


  1. Bone Plating

  2. Unflinching

Stat Shards: 

- Not specified in the document.

Crit Xin Zhao Starting Items:

Crit Xin Zhao Starting items

Corrupting Potion, Stealth Ward

Crit Xin Zhao Core Build:

Xin Crit Core ITems

Immortal Shieldbow, Essence Reaver, Infinity Edge

Xin Zhao Boots:

Xin Boot Options

Plated Steelcaps: Against AD Champs

Berserker's Greaves: Against Assasins

Mercury's Treads: Against Hard CC Champs

Crit Xin ZhaoFull build IE:

Crit Xin Zhao Full build

-Immortal Shieldbow

-Essence Reaver

-Infinity Edge

-Plated Steelcaps

-Dead Man's Plate

-Gargoyle Stoneplate

Crit Xin Zhao Ability Details & Skill Order:

Crit Xin Zhao SKill Order

- Level 1: W

- Level 2: Q

- Level 3: E

- Max Order: E -> Q -> W

- Take a point in your R (ultimate) whenever possible (levels 6, 11, and 16).

Crit Xin Zhao General Playstyle:

Crit Xin Zhao Mid during the Laning Phase:

Be mindful of your positioning as Xin Zhao lacks escape tools apart from Flash and E. Engage confidently and poke with W when you have sufficient mana to fend off potential ganks.

Crit Xin Zhao Mid Farming:

Farm using auto-attacks until your second item to conserve mana. Last hit to draw the enemy onto the lane or play defensively.

Crit Xin Zhao Mid Roaming:

Always look to assist teammates with your engage. You can even take Dragons by using W behind the wall on the dragon and then E inside.

Crit Xin Zhao Mid Early Game:

Focus on farming and poking the enemy with W. Look for opportunities to engage with E and follow up with Q for quick trades.

Crit Xin Zhao Mid in the Mid Game:

Roam and assist other lanes. Secure objectives like Dragon with your team.

Crit Xin Zhao Mid in the Late Game:

Stick with your team and look for opportunities to engage in team fights. Use your R to isolate key targets.

Crit Xin Zhao Mid in Team Fights:

- Engage with E and follow up with Q and W for damage.

- Use R to isolate key targets or protect your backline from threats.

Crit Xin Zhao around Objectives:

- Dragon: Use W behind the Dragon wall and E inside to engage it. Secure it with your team.

- Baron: Engage with your team and use your abilities to zone out the enemy team.

Crit Xin Matchups:

- Threats: Pyke (Extreme threat) - No escape, rush or run.

- Synergies: Not specified in the document.

Additional Advice on how to play Crit Xin Zhao on the Mid lane:

- Xin Zhao is a versatile champion that can adapt to various playstyles. The provided runes and items are tailored for a fighter playstyle in the mid lane.

- Always be aware of the enemy jungler's position. Warding is crucial to avoid ganks.

- Engage when you're confident and have vision of the enemy team.

If your enemies aren't already sending you friend requests out of sheer respect (or fear), then you're probably doing it wrong. Thanks for diving deep with the 'Crit Xin Zhao Mid Guide'. Remember, every crit is a step closer to your enemy's surrender vote!"

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