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In-depth Vex Support Guide (latest patch) - Looming Darkness on the Bot Lane!

Welcome to the Vex Support Guide 13.16, where we dive deep into the 'Looming Darkness' and come out with a lantern, a joke, and maybe a few tips on how not to get ganked. Let's light it up!

Vex Support Summoner Spells:

Vex SUpport Summoner SPells

Flash: Mandatory for most champions. After using Shadow Surge to engage, Flash combined with Personal Space can be a potent engage tool.

Ignite: Counter to Heal, which many ADCs take. Use it before the enemy Heals for early kills. In teamfights, apply it to whoever is getting the most healing.

Exhaust: Useful against champions like Tristana and Yasuo due to their strong level 2 engages. Also a good choice if you struggle against assassins.

Vex Support Runes:

Vex Support Runes

Primary Tree - Domination:

- Electrocute: Synergizes with Vex's burst potential. Look to hit combos like Looming Darkness > Mistral Bolt followed by an auto-attack.

- Cheap Shot: Great for when you're ready to unleash your combo.

- Zombie Ward: Provides late-game vision control. Especially useful in higher elos.

- Relentless Hunter: Provides movement speed for efficient roaming and warding.

Secondary Tree - Inspiration:

- Perfect Timing: Useful for rushing Zhonya's Hourglass.

- Biscuit Delivery: Great for mana sustain. Use when low on mana for maximum efficiency.

Stat Shards:

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+6 Armor

Starting Item:

Spellthief's Edge, 2x Health Potion, Stealth Ward

Core Build:

Spellthief's Edge: This is the go-to starting item for mage supports. It provides ability power, mana regeneration, and a gold-generating passive that rewards poking enemies. For Vex, who has a poke-heavy kit, this item is essential to maximize her early game potential.

Sorcerer's Shoes:These boots provide magic penetration, which boosts Vex's damage output. Given that she's a burst mage, the added penetration helps her abilities hit even harder.

Zhonya's Hourglass: This item is crucial for Vex, especially when she dives into the fray with her Shadow Surge. The active ability allows her to become invulnerable for a short duration, which can be a lifesaver in sticky situations.

Crown of the Shattered Queen: This item provides ability power and a shield against potential burst damage. It's particularly useful for Vex when she's in the frontline, ensuring she doesn't get instantly blown up.

Morellonomicon: Grievous Wounds is essential in many games due to the prevalence of healing champions and items. Morellonomicon provides this debuff, along with a good chunk of ability power.

Watchful Wardstone: Vision is key for any support. This item not only allows Vex to place more wards but also evolves her sightstone, providing additional stats.

Other Mythics:

Vex Support Other Mythics

Everfrost: Offers crowd control and ability power. The active can be used to root enemies, setting up for Vex's combo.

Imperial Mandate: Works well with champions that have crowd control. Vex can proc it consistently with her abilities.

Evenshroud: Provides ability haste and a shield, enhancing Vex's survivability and spell uptime.

Vex Support Abilities & Skill Order:

Vex Support Skill Order

Passive: Doom 'n Gloom - Manages fear and provides burst damage when enemies dash or get hit by Looming Darkness.

Q: Mistral Bolt - Primary poke tool. Use from bushes for surprise attacks.

W: Personal Space - Provides AoE damage and a shield. Combo with Shadow Surge for engages.

E: Looming Darkness - Ranged AoE burst slow. Primary setup for combos.

R: Shadow Surge - Engage tool similar to Kai'Sa's W+R combo.

Skill Order

Q > E > W > Q > Q > R > Q > E > Q > E > R > E > E > W > W > R > W > W

Vex Support General Gameplay & Tips:

Vex Support Laning Phase:

Against ranged supports, focus on safely poking from a distance. Against melee champions, you can be more aggressive.

Vex Support in the Mid to Late Game:

Look for opportunities to engage with your R and W combo, especially when your passive fear is up.

Vex Support during Teamfights:

Engage with Shadow Surge and Personal Space for AoE fears. Use Looming Darkness to slow enemies and set up your combos.

Vex Support around Objectives:

For dragons and barons, use your abilities to zone out enemies and provide vision with Zombie Ward.

Vex Support Matchups:

The sheet didn't provide specific champions that are strong or weak against Vex. However, based on her kit, she might struggle against champions that can easily dodge her abilities or out-sustain her poke.

Additional Advice on how to play Vex Support:

- Managing Vex's passive fear is crucial. Ensure it's up before going for major engages.

- Use bushes to your advantage, especially when casting Mistral Bolt.

- Always be aware of your positioning. Vex can be vulnerable if caught out of position.

It's not about how dark the Rift gets, but how you 'Shadow Surge' through it. Until next time, keep it shady with the Vex Support Guide 13.16!

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