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In-depth Vi Mid Lane (latest patch) - Breaking Mages in the Mid Lane

In-depth Vi Mid Lane (latest patch 13.16) - Breaking Mages in the Mid Lane!

Vi Mid Summoner Spells:

Vi Mid SUmmoner Spells

Flash: Essential for engaging, escaping, and repositioning.

Ignite: Provides kill pressure in lane and reduces healing.

Vi Mid Runes:

Vi Mid Runes

Primary Tree (Resolve):

  - Aftershock: Enhances durability after engaging.

  - Shield Bash: Boosts damage after gaining a shield.

  - Bone Plating: Reduces damage from trades.

  - Overgrowth: Increases max health over time.

Secondary Tree (Domination):

  - Sudden Impact: Grants bonus lethality and magic penetration after dashing.

  - Ultimate Hunter: Reduces the cooldown of your ultimate.

Stat Shards:

+10% Attack Speed

+6 Armor

+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)

Vi Mid Starters: 

Against Melee Matchup

  Doran's Blade

Against Heavy Poke Matchup:

Long Sword, Refillable Potion

Vi Mid Full Build:

Vi Mid Full Build

- Mercury's Treads

- Radiant Virtue

- Sterak's Gage

- Gargoyle Stoneplate

- Titanic Hydra

- Death’s Dance

VI Mid Ability Details & Skill Order:

1. Blast Shield (Passive): Vi's passive ability.

2. Vault Breaker (Q): Max this first.

3. Denting Blows (W)

4. Relentless Force (E)

5. Cease and Desist (R): Vi's ultimate ability.

- Level 1: E

- Level 2: Q

- Level 3: W

- Max Order: Q -> E -> W

- Take a point in your R (ultimate) whenever possible (levels 6, 11, and 16).

Vi Mid General Playstyle:

Vi Mid during the Laning Phase:

Focus on farming and look for trades when your passive shield is up. Use Q for poke and engage.

Vi Mid in the Mid Game:

Roam to other lanes and help secure objectives. Look for picks with your ultimate.

Vi Mid in the Late Game:

Engage or peel for your carries in teamfights. Use your ultimate to target high-value enemies.

Vi Mid during Teamfighting:

Engage with Q and follow up with R on priority targets. Use W to shred tanks and E for additional damage. Stay aware of your passive shield and reposition with Q if needed.

Vi around Objective Control:

For dragons and barons, use Q to zone or engage the enemy team. Your W can help shred the objective faster.

Additional Advice on how to play VI in the Mid lane:

Always be aware of your passive cooldown in trades. Look for opportunities to roam with your jungler, especially if they synergize well with Vi.

That was the VI mid guide (latest patch).

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