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In-depth Viego Jungle Guide (latest patch) - The Ruined Jungle King!

Welcome to the Viego Jungle guide 13.16, where we teach you to possess the jungle, one camp at a time!

Viego Jungle Summoner Spells:  

Viego Jungle Summoner

1. Flash

2. Smite (Mosstomper Smite)

Viego Jungle Runes:  

Viego Jungle Runes

Primary - Precision:  

- Conqueror

- Triumph

- Legend: Alacrity

- Coup de Grace

Secondary - Inspiration:  

- Magical Footwear

- Cosmic Insight

Stat Shards:  

+10% Attack Speed

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+6 Armor

Viego Jungle Starting:  

Viego Jungle Starter

- Mosstomper Seedling

- Health Potion

Viego Jungle Mythic Options:  

Viego Jungle Core Items

- Divine Sunderer

- Trinity Force

- Galeforce

Viego Jungle Full Build:  

Viego Jungle FUll Build

1. Kraken Slayer

2. Mercury's Treads

3. Trinity Force

4. Death's Dance

5. Wit's End

6. Guardian Angel

Viego Jungle Ability Details & Skill Order:  

Passive - Sovereign's Domination: Allows Viego to possess fallen enemies, using their abilities.

Q - Blade of the Ruined King: Main source of damage. Provides on-hit damage and healing.

W - Spectral Maw: Can be used as a stun, dash, or auto-attack reset.

E - Harrowed Path: Provides engage, escape, and attack speed.

R - Heartbreaker: High damage ultimate with reset mechanics.

- Level 1: Q

- Level 2: W

- Level 3: E

- Max Order: Q -> E -> W

- Take a point in your R (ultimate) whenever possible (levels 6, 11, and 16).

Viego Jungle General Playstyle & Gameplay:  

- Viego is a hypercarry, meaning he can single-handedly influence the outcome of a game.

- Focus on full-clearing your jungle, especially in low ELO.

- Use E wisely, especially for ganks or escapes.

- Vision control is crucial. Deny vision from common E spots.

- Viego's passive offers endless outplay potential. Choose possession targets wisely.

- Use Q as your primary damage source.

- Utilize W for stuns, dashes, or auto-attack resets.

- E can be used for engages, escapes, or attack speed boosts.

- R is vital for securing kills and resetting in teamfights.

ViegoJungle Farming & Objectives:  

- Full-clearing is recommended in low ELO.

- Save E for ganks or escapes rather than using it on camps.

- Prioritize vision control, especially around Dragon and Baron.

Viego Jungle Teamfighting:  

- Viego's passive allows for high outplay potential. Choose possession targets wisely.

- Use R to hit multiple enemies, pushing non-priority targets away.

Viego Jungle Dragon & Baron:  

- Use E wisely to avoid being spotted when taking these objectives.

- Vision control is crucial.

Viego Jungle Matchups:  


Evelynn: Extreme threat. Evelynn can outscale many champions. It's recommended to fight her early to prevent her from scaling.


Annie (Mid): Ideal synergy. Annie provides good CC and can easily single out targets.

Additional Advice on how to play Viego in the Jungle:  

- Practice Viego in normal games before jumping into ranked.

- Even when behind, Viego can turn around teamfights due to his outplay potential.

- Always be aware of the endless possibilities with Viego's passive.

- Communication with your team, especially regarding vision, is crucial.

While others are busy trying to figure out the jungle, you're mastering the art of haunting it. Thanks for diving deep into our Viego Jungle guide 13.16!

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