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In-depth Wukong Mid Guide (latest patch) - Monkey Mid Lane Madness!

Welcome to the Wukong Mid Guide 13.16, where we turn the Monkey King into the Mid Lane Maestro! If you thought bananas were his only weapon, think again!

Summoner Spells:

Wukong Mid SUmmoner Spells

1. Flash: Essential for Wukong as it provides a reliable escape and can position you better in teamfights to maximize the impact of your Ultimate.

2. Ignite: Great for securing kills and reducing healing on champions with high sustain.

Runes: Best Carry Runes

Wukong Mid Runes

Primary Tree - Precision:

1. Conqueror: Grants adaptive force (bonus AD or AP) for hitting enemy champions. Stacks up to 12 times. Fully stacked, you heal for a portion of the damage you deal to champions.

2. Triumph: Restores health and grants bonus gold on champion takedowns.

3. Legend: Tenacity: Grants tenacity based on champion takedowns.

4. Last Stand: Deal more damage to champions while you are low on health.

Secondary Tree - Inspiration:

1. Magical Footwear: Grants free boots at 12 minutes (or sooner based on kills/assists).

2. Biscuit Delivery: Receive a biscuit every 2 minutes until 6 minutes, which restores health and mana.

Stat Shards:

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+6 Armor

Wukong Mid Starting Items:

Wukong Starter items

Long Sword, 3x Health Potions

Wukong Mid Full Build:

Wukong Mid Full Build

1. Divine Sunderer: Provides HP, damage, and CDR. Its passive offers armor/magic penetration, making it synergistic with Wukong's kit.

2. Black Cleaver: Shreds enemy armor and grants movement speed, helping Wukong stick to targets.

3. Death's Dance: Offers sustain and damage mitigation.

4. Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Grants CDR and movement speed.

5. Chempunk Chainsword: Useful against champions with high healing.

6. Maw of Malmortius: Provides magic resist and a shield against magic damage.

Ability Details & Skill Order:

Wukong Mid SKill Order

Stone Skin (Passive): Wukong's passive ability.

Crushing Blow (Q): Wukong's primary damage ability.

Warrior Trickster (W): Allows Wukong to go invisible and leave behind a decoy.

Nimbus Strike (E): Gap closer that also deals damage.

Cyclone (R): Wukong's ultimate, which knocks up and damages enemies.

- Level 1: E

- Level 2: Q

- Level 3: W

- Max Order: Q -> W -> E

- Take a point in your R (ultimate) whenever possible (levels 6, 11, and 16).

General Playstyle:

Early Game:

Focus on farming and watch out for ganks. Use your Q and E for poke and trades.

Mid Game:

Look for skirmishes and teamfights. With your core items, you'll be a significant threat.

Late Game:

Stick with your team. Engage with E and R, aiming to knock up as many enemies as possible.


Focus on last-hitting minions. Use E for wave clear when necessary.


Engage with E, followed by R to knock up multiple enemies. Use W strategically to dodge key abilities or to deceive opponents.

Dragon and Baron Objective:

Use W to scout or to create a diversion. Engage with E and R to disrupt the enemy team.


Bad Matchups (Extreme Threats): Rumble

Good Synergies (Ideal): Yasuo

Additional Advice:

- Wukong is item-dependent. Ensure you're farming well to get your core items as soon as possible.

- While Wukong has high burst and is relatively easy to learn, he lacks built-in sustain. Be wary of champions that can poke you down.

- Wukong's ultimate, Cyclone, is a game-changer in teamfights. Ensure you're positioning well to maximize its impact.

From monkeying around to mastering the mid, we've journeyed through the jungle of jukes and jumps. Remember, every time you dominate the lane, a banana gets its peel. Thanks for swinging by the Wukong Mid Guide 13.16!

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