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In-depth Yuumi AD Top Guide (latest patch) - This bookworm got claws!

Welcome to the AD Yuumi Top guide, where we turn the cuddly cat into a ferocious feline that makes top laners question their life choices!

AD Yuumi Top Summoner Spells:  

Yuumi AD TOP Summoner Spells

Flash (for obvious reasons).

Ignite (good for lanes where you want kill pressure).


  - Teleport (for matchups that are farm-heavy).

  - Cleanse (good against high CC lanes, and lanes where one CC ability will kill you).

AD Yuumi Top Runes:  

Yuumi AD Top Runes

Primary (Precision):

  - Press the Attack

  - Triumph

  - Legend: Alacrity

  - Cut Down

Secondary (Domination):

  - Taste of Blood

  - Treasure Hunter

Stat Shards:

+10% Attack Speed

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+6 Armor

AD Yuumi Top Starting Items:

Doran's Blade + Health Potion + Stealth Ward

AD Yuumi Top Core Build: 

-Kraken Slayer

-Berserker's Greaves

-Essence Reaver

-Infinity Edge

-Lord Dominik's Regards

-Wit's End

AD Yuumi Top Ability Order:  

Ad Yuumi Top Build

1. Prowling Projectile (Q)

2. You and Me! (W)

3. Zoomies (E)

4. Final Chapter (R)

AD Yuumi Top Threats & Synergies:  

Mordekaiser (He presses R, and you can't kite!)

General Playstyle and Tips:  

Laning Phase:

Focus on poking your opponent with your Q and auto-attacks. Utilize your passive, Feline Friendship, to gain a shield and harass your opponent. Remember, Yuumi's early game damage can be surprising, so don't be afraid to go for trades.

Mid Game:

Roam with your jungler or mid laner using your W, You and Me!. This will allow you to assist in skirmishes and provide heals and CC with your E and R.

Late Game:

Stick with your team's primary carry. Use your W to jump between allies, providing heals with E and engaging or disengaging with R.

Team Fights:

Position yourself safely, usually attached to a frontline or carry. Use your R to disrupt the enemy backline or peel for your carries. Remember to constantly reposition with W to ensure you're always in the best spot.


For Dragon and Baron, provide vision using your Q and heal your teammates with E. Your R can be a game-changer in objective fights, so use it wisely.


Farming with Yuumi can be challenging due to her low AD. Focus on last-hitting and use your Q to help with wave clear.

Additional Advice:  

- Yuumi top is unconventional, so use the element of surprise to your advantage.

- Always be aware of the map. Your W allows you to quickly assist in fights across the map.

- Remember, Yuumi is squishy. Positioning is key to ensure you don't get caught out.


- High Damage early and late.

- Guaranteed first blood.

- Insane team fights.

- Insane psychological manipulation when soloing your laner.

- Flex on the enemy team because you won with Yuumi top.


- "After this, can you play the piano while I nap, Jhin?"

Thanks for clawing your way through the AD Yuumi Top guide, may your meows be mighty and your purrs powerful!

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