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In-depth Zed Jungle Guide (latest patch) - the Jungle Ninja, surprise one hit!

Welcome to the Zed Jungle guide, where we turn shadows into your personal butlers and make the jungle your own ninja playground. Let's dive in, shall we?

Zed Jungle Summoner Spells:

Zed Jungle Summoner Spells

Flash: Essential for escaping, engaging, and outplaying.

Scorchclaw Smite (Red Smite): Provides dueling power and reduces damage taken from the smited enemy.

Zed Jungle Runes:

Zed Jungle Runes

Primary Tree - Precision:

- Conqueror: Provides stacking damage and healing.

- Presence of Mind: Restores energy on takedowns.

- Legend: Bloodline: Lifesteal for sustain.

- Coup de Grace: Extra damage to low HP enemies.

Secondary Tree - Sorcery:

- Transcendence: CDR and energy refund.

- Gathering Storm: Scaling AD for late game.

 Stat Shards:

+10% Attack Speed

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+6 Armor

Zed Jungle Starting Items:

Scorchclaw Pup

Health Potion

Stealth Ward

Zed Jungle Core Items:

Zed Jungle Core Items

- Eclipse: Provides lethality, shield, and omnivamp.

- Black Cleaver: Health, AD, and armor shred.

- Serylda's Grudge: Armor penetration and slow.

Zed Jungle 4th & 5th items:

- Ravenous Hydra: Wave clear and omnivamp.

- Chempunk Chainsword: Grievous wounds and health.

Zed Jungle Situational Items:

Zed Jungle Situational Items

- Serpent's Fang: Against shield-heavy teams.

- Maw of Malmortius: Against heavy AP teams.

- Edge of Night: Spell shield.

- Bloodthirster: Lifesteal and shield.

Zed Jungle Boots:

Zed Jungle Boots

- Ionian Boots of Lucidity: CDR and summoner spell reduction.

- Plated Steelcaps: Against heavy AD teams.

- Boots of Swiftness: Mobility.

Zed Jungle Ability Details & Skill Order:

Zed Jungle Skill Order

Passive - Contempt for the Weak: Executes jungle monsters below 50% HP.

Q - Razor Shuriken: Main damage ability.

W - Living Shadow: Sends out a shadow that mimics Zed's abilities.

E - Shadow Slash: AOE damage around Zed and his shadow.

R - Death Mark: Marks a target and deals damage after a delay based on damage dealt during the mark.

- Level 1: E

- Level 2: W

- Level 3: Q

- Max Order: E -> Q -> W

- Take a point in your R (ultimate) whenever possible (levels 6, 11, and 16).

Zed Jungle General Playstyle:

Early Game:

Focus on farming and look for ganks when lanes are overextended. Use your passive to execute jungle monsters.

Mid Game:

Look for picks and skirmishes. Split push when your ult is up.

Late Game:

Focus on assassinating key targets in team fights or split pushing.

Team Fights:

- Engage with R on a priority target, use W to dodge key abilities, and use Q and E for damage. Remember to use your shadows effectively.

Zed Jungle Objectives:

Dragon: Secure vision and look for a pick before starting.

Baron: Same as dragon, do not split push as you are the jungler and your team needs you.

Zed Jungle Matchups:


Kindred: Kindred's R denies Zed's R. She has early power and can out-kite Zed.


Shen: Provides a 2-man engage with Zed for hard engages.

Zed Jungle Additional Advice:

- Zed's passive is essential for jungle clearing. Use abilities when monsters are above 50% HP.

- Zed's R places him behind his target. Be wary of immediate crowd control.

- Always be aware of your energy. Running out can leave you vulnerable.

If all else fails, blame the mid laner. Thanks for sticking with the Zed Jungle guide - now go make those jungles your shadow realm!

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