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It's Hammer Time Poppy Support Guide (latest patch)

Welcome to our Poppy Support Guide where we show you that "hammer shock" isn't just a term for surprising revelations – it's also the cornerstone of turning foes into bewildered pancakes on the bottom of your boots! From bouncing enemies around like a pinball wizard to leaving them more stunned than a deer in headlights, gear up for a guide that's as delightful as Poppy's personality and as sturdy as her hammer blows!

Poppy Summoner Spells:

Poppy Summoners

1. Exhaust: Reduces the damage dealt by the targeted enemy champion and slows them, making it easier for you and your ADC to secure kills or escape.

2. Flash: Essential for repositioning, engaging, or escaping.

Poppy Runes:

Poppy Runes

Primary Tree (Resolve):

  - Aftershock: Grants bonus resistances after immobilizing an enemy champion, followed by an AoE damage burst.

  - Font of Life: Marking an enemy champion allows allies to heal when they attack them.

  - Bone Plating: Reduces damage taken from champions after being hit.

  - Unflinching: Grants tenacity and slow resistance based on missing health.

Secondary Tree (Precision):

  - Presence of Mind: Restores mana and increases maximum mana after takedowns.

  - Legend: Tenacity: Grants tenacity based on takedowns.

Stat Shards:

+8 Ability Haste

+6 Armor

+8 Magic Resist

Poppy Starting Items:

Poppy Starter items

  - Steel Shoulderguards: Grants bonus health and provides gold generation.

  - Health Potion: For sustain in lane.

Poppy First Back Options:


Poppy vs AP build

Null-Magic Mantle, Ruby Crystal, Boots


Poppy vs ad build

Boots, Glacial Buckler

Poppy Full Build vs AD:

Poppy Full Build vs AD

  - Pauldrons of Whiterock

  - Evenshroud

  - Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads (based on enemy team composition)

  - Zeke's Convergence: Enhances your ADC's damage after you immobilize an enemy.

  - Knight's Vow: Redirects some of the damage your ADC takes to you and heals you when your ADC deals damage.

  - Sunfire Aegis: Provides bonus health, armor, and a passive burn effect.

Poppy Full Build vs AP:

Poppy Full Build vs AP

-Pauldrons of Whiterock


-Mercury's Treads

-Zeke's Convergence

-Abyssal Mask

-Turbo Chemtank

Abilities & Skill Order:

Poppy Skill Order

Passive - Iron Ambassador: Every few seconds, Poppy can throw her buckler for a ranged attack, dealing bonus damage. If it kills the target, it returns to her. Otherwise, it drops and can be picked up for a shield.

Q - Hammer Shock: Poppy smashes the ground, dealing damage and slowing enemies. The area then explodes for additional damage.

W - Steadfast Presence: Provides passive resistances and can be activated to stop enemy dashes and deal damage.

E - Heroic Charge: Charges at an enemy, dealing damage. If they hit a wall, they are stunned.

R - Keeper's Verdict: Channels to knock enemies far away.

- Level 1: Q

- Level 2: E

- Level 3: W

- Max Order: Q -> E -> W

- Take a point in your R (ultimate) whenever possible (levels 6, 11, and 16).

Poppy General Playstyle:

Poppy Laning Phase:

Use your passive for poke and your E for engage, especially if you can pin an enemy to a wall. Protect your ADC and look for opportunities to engage.

- Mid Game: Roam to help other lanes and secure objectives. Use your W to disrupt enemy dashes during skirmishes.

Poppy Late Game:

Peel for your ADC and use your R to disengage or isolate key targets in teamfights.

Poppy Teamfighting:

- Engage with E, especially if you can pin a key target to a wall.

- Use W to prevent enemy dashes and disrupt their engage.

- Use R to either peel for your ADC or to remove a key enemy from the fight.

Poppy around Objectives:

Dragon & Baron: Use your W to prevent enemies from dashing into the pit. Use your R to knock away enemies trying to steal.

Poppy Matchups:

 Bad Matchup: Morgana (Her Q and E can disrupt your engage. Play safe or consider banning her.)

Good Synergy: Kai'Sa (Your E and R set up her combo effectively.)

Additional Advice on how to play Poppy Support:

Poppy support might seem unconventional, but her tankiness and CC-heavy kit make her a formidable support. Always look for wall pins with your E and remember to use your W to disrupt enemy dashes. Your R can be a game-changer in teamfights, so use it wisely.

Now go forth, my guardian jesters, and let your enemies experience the might of a guide that's as unyielding as Poppy's determination and as unforgettable as the earth-shattering impact of her keeper's verdict – truly a finale worth witnessing! It’s Hammer time with the Poppy Support Guide.

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