The best guess the rank CSGO games in 2023

Test your guessing the rank skills with all these amazing CSGO elo guessing games.

What is guess the rank?

The game 'guess the rank CSGO' requires you to watch 3-5 clips of a CSGO gamer and guess their rank. You can play once per day and compete with friends. It's a fun way to test your rank guessing skills!

How does the scoring in 'Guess the Rank' for CSGO work?

In the CSGO 'guess the rank' game, guessing the correct rank will earn you 2 stars/points. If you are off by one rank, for example predicting silver or platinum instead of gold, you will receive 1 star/point. Depending on the number of clips you rate, you can reach up to 6-10 stars/points.

How can I upload my videos in 'guess the rank' games?

To participate in the 'Guess the Rank' game, all you need to do is visit their upload page and submit your CSGO clip. However, keep in mind that each game may have different requirements, such as the length of the video.

What are the best CSGO guess the rank games?


You can use Guesstherank to play games like League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League, Counter Strike, Apex Legends, and Overwatch 2.

guess the rank


This application is similar to 'guesstherank' and features various games including Valorant, Rocket League, Chess, Counter-Strike, Apex Legends, and Overwatch 2. The main difference is that you only have three video clips to make your guesses from. New sets of clips are available daily.

guess the rank - csgo

In order to submit your clip, visit the Rankdle website and click on the Submit button located in the top right corner. Next, choose the game your clip is from to review the submission guidelines. It's important to make sure that your clip is from a Ranked Competitive match and has been uploaded to a platform such as YouTube, Twitch, or Medal.

If you want to know the best guess rank games for League of Legends read here, otherwise enjoy these amazing 'guess the CSGO rank' games.  

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