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The best guess the rank League of legends games in 2023

Test your guessing the rank skills with all these amazing League of Legends Elo guessing games.

What is guess the rank for League of Legends?

The concept of 'guess the rank' is quite simple. You will be shown between 3-5 clips and in each clip you have to guess what rank the gamer in the clip has. Typically you are limited to guessing once per day. That way you can also share it with your friends and compete with them to see who is better. Who doesn't like to be better than their friends?

Rekkles and Nemesis from the team FNATIC from time to time guess the rank of fans and it can be quite hilarious to watch.

How does the scoring in 'Guess the Rank' work?

Basically if you hit the rank exactly you get 2 stars/points and if you are off by 1 rank meaning you say silver or plat, while the gamer is gold, you will get 1 star/point. In these League of Legends 'guess the rank' games you can reach up to 6-10 points/stars based on the amount of clips you are rating.

How can I upload my videos in 'guess the rank' games?

You simply have to go onto their upload page and submit your League of Legends clip to participate in the 'Guess the Rank' game. Be aware that they all have different conditions such as the length of the video etc.

What are the best League of Legends guess the rank games?


Guesstherank supports multiple games such as League of Legends, Valorant, Rocket League, Counter Strike, Apex Legends and Overwatch 2.

guess your rank League of legends

As you can see in the screenshot above of guess the rank you will have 5 rounds/clips in which you have to guess the League of Legends rank correctly.

If you want your clip to be judged you need to upload it on youtube and then past the link the upload form (shown below). The guidelines are quite simple, clips shouldn't be longer than 1 minute nor any music in the videos.

Guess your rank League of legends


Loldle is not the typical 'guess the rank' game but rather tests your knowledge of the League of Legends universe. Every day you get tested on your LoL knowledge. As shown below I was able to guess the correct champion with 2 guesses (I was super lucky haha).

Loldle - guess the champion

Afterward you will be tested on champion quotes, on today's quote I would say it was quite easy, but man sometimes guessing a League of Legends champion based on their quote can be quite challenging. It definitely gets your brain going.

Loldle - guess the champion quote

Next up in the League of legends guessing game are the ability icons. This icon tends to be sideways or upside down. Playing Karma for many years definitely helped me out here.

Loldle - guess the ability icon

Second to last is the guessing a League of Legends champion based on emoji. Uffff maybe today wasn't my day but there are way too many wizards in this game. Took me longer than expected, but it is so satisfying once you guess the Lol champion right.

Loldle - guess your champion based on emoji

The last part of the daily challenge is the splash art. I have to say on a personal level, the splash art is by far the hardest. Let us know what is the hardest for you!

Loldle splash art guessing

They are all super fun and a must-play for all League of Legends fans.

If you want to know the best guess the rank games for Valorant, otherwise enjoy these amazing 'guess the League of Legends rank' games.  

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