The best Valorant mapping tools in 2024

Valorant mapping tool

Why are Valorant mapping tools so important to build Valorant Strats?

You are tired of getting rushed by the enemies' team and are always wondering why they get their tacticals perfectly aligned. You never get your agent's tacticals aligned with your teammates, nor where to actually place them. Well we have news for you.

They are probably using Gazoom's Valorant strategy tool like many other professional coaches already do.

See where to place your team's tactical weapons all within Gazoom strategy tool and run through all scenarios with your team.  Practice opening up a bomb site via the agent's tactical abilities.

Run-through scenarios may it be openers, specific scenarios like 2 vs 2 spike plant, and how to best defend it on any given map.

Valorant map planner

What is Valorant mapping?

Valorant mapping is the process that allows gamers to create their own Valorant strategies via interactive Valorant maps. Having the access to over 2000 default lineups makes it easy and fast to build professional Valorant strategies within minutes. You can create and walk through more advanced strategies by sequencing each step of the strategy and drawing on top of the interactive Valorant maps. These strategies can easily be shared with your teammates via a link. Valorant mapping is also just a different term for a Valorant strats maker or Valorant Strategy tool. The Valorant strat tools in this article are great for Valorant mapping. Create your own strategy with your team and start ranking up! 

How does Valorant mapping help you create winning Valorant Strats?

Valorant mapping is best for you and your team to create amazing Valorant strats. Just choose from thousands of Valorant lineups and add them to your strategy. This way you can create professionally-looking strategies in no time and test them with your friends. Once you have  them field-tested you can share them with the community and help your fellow Valorant gamers out.

Key Components for Building Successful Valorant Strats

To create a winning Valorant strats, you need to understand game mechanics, team composition, map knowledge, and effective communication. Follow this step-by-step guide to build a solid strategy:

1. Grasp the game mechanics of Valorant:

First, familiarize yourself with Valorant's mechanics, including agent abilities, weapons, economy, and objectives for each game mode.

2. Build a balanced Valorant team with a variety of agents & their tacticals:

Choose agents with complementary abilities and playstyles, and aim for a balanced team composition:

  • Duelists: for aggressive plays and entry fragging
  • Initiators: for information gathering and enemy defense disruption
  • Controllers: for map control and area denial
  • Sentinels: for site anchoring and teammate support

3. Master each Valorant map and it's callouts:

Analyze each map to understand its layout, choke points, common plant locations, and sightlines. Incorporate each map's unique features, such as verticality, teleporters, and destructible terrain, into your strategy. The Valorant strats tool as well shows you all the Valorant map callouts so that you learn them by heart.

Valorant map planner

4. Valorant - Attack strategy:

  • Divide and conquer: Separate your team into smaller groups to target different map areas. This tactic can force defenders to spread thin and facilitate control over key locations.
  • Fake pushes: Have a few players create noise and simulate a push on one bombsite while the rest of the team quietly advances towards the other bombsite.
  • Execute strategies: Design set plays using agent abilities to gain control of a bombsite, such as coordinating smokes, flashes, or other utilities to create secure entry points.
  • Plant location: Opt for plant locations that are easy to defend and offer multiple sightlines for post-plant scenarios.

5. Valorant - Defense strategy:

  • Hold angles: Position your team to cover essential angles and choke points on each bombsite, whether by playing off-site or adopting a more aggressive stance.
  • Rotations: Be ready to rotate between bombsites quickly, using agent abilities and communication to gather information and call for rotations when necessary.
  • Retake strategies: Formulate plans for bombsite retakes, including coordinated utility usage and flanking maneuvers.
  • Eco rounds: On rounds with the limited economy, consider playing more conservatively or stacking a bombsite to maximize winning chances.

6. Communication:

Effective communication is vital for implementing any strategy. Make callouts for enemy locations, utility usage, and rotations. Establish a shared vocabulary for callouts and ensure all team members are on the same page.

7. Adaptation:

Be prepared to modify your strategy based on the enemy's playstyle, agent composition, and economy. Identify patterns in their behavior and capitalize on their weaknesses.

8. Practice:

Regularly practice your strategies with your team to enhance coordination and execution. Use custom games or scrimmage matches to refine your tactics and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Remember that teamwork, adaptability, and strong communication are vital for a successful Valorant strategy. Continue practicing and adjusting your approach as you learn and progress

Is Valorant mapping a great tool for High school Valorant coaches?

Yes, Valorant mapping allows coaches to create their Valorant strat and then share these Valorant strats with their students. They just have to create a strategy and copy the link of the Valorant strat, that just have created and share it.  Additionally, there are plenty of 'default' Valorant lineups to choose from, to create the ultimate Valorant strat.

How to train in Valorant maps?

There are multiples way to train a Valorant map. Most importantly is to know each angle of the map. You can do that in a custom game etc. Additionally we recommend doing death match on the Valorant map that you want to practice. That way you know all the sneaky places. In the end Death matches compress multiple games in a few minutes.
Last if you already know the map but are wondering how to best play certain scenarios to take over spike plant spot A or B with certain agents, we recommend you to use a Valorant strategy maker tool. These tools are great to go through positioning with your team and how to do lineups correctly.

What are Valorant map planner tools?

Valorant strat maker tools are a great way to run through all types of tactical lineups as well as lets you run through certain spike scenarios may this be a 1vs2 or 1vs1 etc. This way you can simulate these scenarios with your friends, team, or coach.

What are lineups in Valorant?

A Valorant Lineup is the use of your agents ability from a specific place to block vision, hinder access etc to better defend or attack a spike plant spot. These lineups can be perfectly practiced and learned with Valorant map planners, which are the same as valorant strategy tool listed in this blog post.

How to practice lineups in Valorant?

The best way to practice Valorant lineups is by going in Valorant practice mode and select the map that you want to practice it. Afterwards open the Valorant strats planner mentioned above on your second screen. There you can select you agent and it will show you all the spots from where you can do your lineups. If you have some additional ones you can add them as well so that the community can enjoy them and potential learn from you.

Plan & run through how to best open up a bomb site in Valorant

One of the best ways to do this is by using a Valorant map planner. These tools allow you to plan out your team's moves, analyze the battlefield, and develop a winning game plan. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, a good strategy maker can give you the edge you need to dominate the competition.

What are the best tools to improve your Valorant gameplay?

There are several different Valorant strategy makers available online, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Some popular options Gazoom's Valorant strategy tool, which includes a mapping tool as well as reviewing capabilities which is great for teams to capture, review and practice their tactics.

1.Gazoom - Valorant mapping tool

Valorant map planner

Gazoom is a platform that enables you to capture your Valorant moments, review your gameplay as well as plan with your team or alone strategic lineups in order to get better and rank up in Valorant. In the screenshot above you can see Gazoom's reviewing tool that allows you to replay your gameplay and analyze it.  If you want to try it out with your Valorant gameplay alone or with your friends try out Gazoom's strategy tool.  If you want to capture your Valorant highlights or the entire game try out our desktop application. Afterward, access your Valorant session directly in the Gazoom strategy tool and start analyzing it.  

2. Valoplant

Is a great tool to run through all the scenarios as well. It is an easy-to-use website with a lot features. It is lacking all the reviewing and capturing capabilities that Gazoom is offering. Still a great tool that has been used by plenty of coaches.

No matter which Valorant mapping tool or Valorant Strategy tool (they are the same) you choose, it's important to remember that the key to success in the game is practice and experimentation. Take the time to try out different strategies and see what works best for you and your team.

Clip, edit & share your gaming highlights! Improve one clip at a time!