The Curious Case of CSGO Cases- The ultimate collector's Guide in 2023

Ah, CS:GO cases, the thrill of the click, the spin of the wheel, and the hope of landing that ultra-rare skin. It's like the lottery, but for gamers. And just like the lottery, the odds might not always be in your favor, but the excitement is real!

The Excitement of New CSGO Case Drops

The release of new CS:GO cases is always an exciting date in the Counter-Strike calendar. With new cases come new skins for players to find, and new opportunities for players to join the world of CS:GO case opening.

Prime Cases - The Cream of the Crop

Prime CS:GO cases are only dropped to players who have Prime Status on their CS:GO account. They’re usually recently released cases with the latest goodies inside. Here's a list of the current Prime cases:

Revolution Case (February 2023)

Recoil Case (July 2022)

Dreams & Nightmares Case (January 2022)

Snakebite Case (May 2021)

Fracture Case (August 2020)

Clutch Case (February 2018)

csgo cases

Rare CSGO Cases - The Elusive Treasures

Rare cases are, well, rare. These cases are generally several years old. All these cases have a probabllity to randomly drop after a game, but as the category already suggests, that is RARE! Here are some of the rare cases:

Prisma 2 Case (March 2020)

CS20 Case (October 2019)

Prisma Case (March 2019)

Danger Zone Case (December 2018)

Horizon Case (August 2018)

Spectrum 2 Case (September 2017)

Operation Hydra Case (May 2017)

Spectrum Case (March 2017)

Glove Case (November 2016)Gamma 2 Case (August 2016)

Gamma Case (June 2016)

Chroma 3 Case (April 2016)

Operation Wildfire Case (February 2016)

Revolver Case (December 2015)

Shadow Case (September 2015)

Falchion Case (May 2015)

Chroma 2 Case (April 2015)

Chroma Case (January 2015)

Operation Vanguard Case (November 2014)

Operation Breakout Case (July 2014)

Hunstman Case (May 2014)

Operation Phoenix Case (February 2014)

CS:GO Weapon Case 3 (February 2014)

Winter Offensive Case (December 2013)

CS:GO Weapon Case 2 (November 2013)

Operation Bravo Case (September 2013)

CS:GO Weapon Case (August 2013)

Discontinued CSGO Cases -The Lost Relics

Discontinued CS:GO cases no longer drop at all in-game. Some of the discontinued cases include:

Operation Riptide Case (September 2021)

Operation Broken Fang Case (December 2020)

Shattered Web Case (November 2019)

eSports 2014 Summer Case (July 2014)

eSports 2013 Winter Case (December 2013)

eSports 2013 Case (August 2013)

CSGO Case Prices -What's the Damage?

If you’re curious about the price of every CS:GO case, then we’ve got you covered. Here's a quick peek at some of the case prices:

Revolution Case: $2

Recoil Case: $0.80

Dreams & Nightmares Case: $1.50

Snakebite Case: $0.50

Fracture Case: $0.80

Clutch Case: $1

Prisma 2 Case: $0.80

CS20 Case: $0.80

Prisma Case: $0.80

Danger Zone Case: $0.80

Horizon Case: $1

Spectrum 2 Case: $1.60

Operation Hydra Case: $22

Spectrum Case: $2.30

Glove Case: $6

Gamma 2 Case: $2.50

Gamma Case: $2.10

Chroma 3 Case: $2.50

In conclusion, opening CS:GO cases for skins is a purely cosmetic endeavor – it won’t help you improve your gameplay. But it can be a great way to add an extra layer of excitement to the game, as the CS:GO case odds of receiving one of the game’s most expensive skins increase the more cases you open. So, happy unboxing, and may the odds be ever in your favor! This was the ultimate CSGO case guide of 2023! 

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