The Top 3 Overwatch Trackers in 2023

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In this article, we provide an overview of the best Overwatch trackers so that you can check your progress and take your abilities to another level. Additionally, we answer some frequently asked questions about Overwatch trackers - all with one goal in mind: Get your that juicy victory!

What is an Overwatch tracker?

Are you looking for a way to monitor your performance in Overwatch? Look no further than an Overwatch tracker! Not only can these invaluable tools give you insight into kills, deaths and maps; they also provide valuable data such as win rates and kill/death ratios. But with so many trackers available, how do you know which one is the best? Make sure to find the tracker that offers the most detailed information - this will ensure that you make informed decisions about your gameplay.

Why are Overwatch map strategy tools so important?

Are you always on the receiving end of your opponents' well-orchestrated tactics? You must be asking yourself why they can get it just right but yours never seem to fit with that of your teammates. We understand how frustrating this situation is, so we have great news for you.

They are probably using Gazoom's Overwatch strategy tool like many other professional coaches already do to practice their tactics and get ready for a match. So level your game up with Gazoom.

What are the benefits of using an Overwatch tracker?

An Overwatch tracker offers plenty of advantages, the most prominent being its capability to monitor your progress and display how you are advancing over time. Especially for professional players that like to differentiate their performance from others, this is an invaluable tool. Furthermore, it can help detect areas where you need more work - if ever there's a drastic dip in win rate, this gives you hints on what needs improvement: aim or strategies for instance! In short, using an Overwatch tracker will undoubtedly refine your gaming experience and aid in taking yourself up a notch higher.

What are the best Overwatch trackers?

There are many different Overwatch trackers available, but not all of them are created equal. Some trackers only track basic statistics like kills and deaths, while others provide more detailed information like win rates, kill/death ratios, and map statistics. The best Overwatch tracker will depend on your individual needs. If you want to track your progress and see how you are improving over time, we recommend using a tracker that provides detailed information like win rates, kill/death ratios, and map statistics. If you just want to track your basic statistics, any tracker will do. However, we recommend using one of the following trackers:


This website provides detailed information on your stats such as win rate, final blows, objective time, and many more map statistics. It also allows you to compare your stats with other players. Well, down below you can see a screenshot of the all things that they track. Let me tell you, it is quite a lot.

Tracker.gg overwatch


This website provides in-depth statistics on your performance, including win rate, kills per weapon, and map statistics. It also allows you to compare your stats with other players and see how you rank among them.

overbuff overwatch page


Op.gg also offers a similar stats as the above. We wanted to throw it in the race, because it also offers tracking for other games.

op.gg overwatch webpage

In summary, keeping track of your Overwatch stats and progress is an excellent way to upgrade your gaming skills. Additionally using Gazoom's recording tool or  By using one of the recommended tracking tools in this article, you can gain a better understanding of how well you are playing and pinpoint areas that need improvement. For both casual players as well as competitive gamers, these trackers will be incredibly beneficial for building a stronger level of gameplay! So don't hesitate; try out our top-rated three Overwatch tracker programs today!


Q: How to capture Overwatch 2?

A: You can use Gazoom's Overwatch recording tool to capture all your gaming highlights. Additionally you can review your clips as well as go through tactics with your team with Gazoom's Overwatch strategy tool.

Q: Can an Overwatch tracker get you banned?

A: Absolutely not! Overwatch trackers are completely safe to use, as they collect all their data from the official Overwatch APIs. So you needn't worry - your account will stay secure and unbanned.

Q: What is an Overwatch tracker?

A: An Overwatch tracker is a tool that allows you to track your stats and progress in the game.

Q: What are the benefits of using an Overwatch tracker?

A: Utilizing an Overwatch tracker comes with numerous advantages. Obviously, you can stay abreast of your stats to monitor your progress and identify areas where you need further improvement – like aiming or strategic choices. It's also a great way to gain insight into how well (or poorly) you are doing against other players in the game.

Q: How often are my stats updated on a Overwatch tracker?

A: The rate of updates can vary based on the tracker you employ. For example, some trackers work in real-time while others may update only once a day. To make sure your stats are as up-to-date and accurate as possible, take time to visit the website or app's FAQ section to find out how often they will be updated.

Q: Can I compare my stats to other players?

A: Absolutely! Overwatch trackers let you check your stats against other players. You could assess how your performance compares to others in the same locale or even around the world. This is an excellent way of ascertaining where you are situated within the competitive scene and recognizing which areas need enhancement for optimal results.

Q: Are there mobile apps for Overwatch trackers?

A: If you're searching for an effortless way to keep track of your Overwatch performances, many mobile apps with the same features as their website counterparts are available. Nonetheless, it's vital to check if a tracker has an app version before downloading; not all platforms have one yet!

Q: Can I track my friends' stats on an Overwatch tracker?

A: Indeed, many Overwatch trackers provide the ability to monitor your friends' stats. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your screen and you can add them as buddies on the intended tracker website or app - subsequently granting you access to their data. What's more, tracking these records gives you insight into how well they are performing and enables comparison with yourself; thus helping gauge improvement!

Q: Are there any premium features on Overwatch trackers?

A: Considering paying for a subscription? Make sure that you verify the website or app's FAQs to uncover what premium features are offered. These perks can vary from detailed stats, superior analytics and even one-on-one mentoring! Investing in these extra services could very well be worth your while when it comes to tracking progress and gaining insight.

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