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The Ultimate Akali Top Guide (Latest Patch) - Dive into the Shadows and Rise in the Ranks!

With this cutting-edge Akali top guide (latest patch), you'll be dashing through the ranks and leaving your foes in the shadows!

Akali Top - Runes:

Akali Top Runes

Primary Tree (Precision):

Conqueror: Akali can stack this quickly with her abilities, providing her with bonus adaptive damage.

Presence of Mind: Helps with energy management, especially during extended fights.

Legend: Tenacity: Provides tenacity which can be crucial against teams with heavy crowd control.

Last Stand: Akali often fights at lower health percentages, making this rune valuable.

Secondary Tree (Resolve):

Second Wind: Provides healing against poke-heavy champions.

Unflinching: Grants tenacity and slow resistance, further enhancing her ability to stick to targets and avoid CC.

Stat Shards:

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+6 Armor

Akali Top Summoner Spells:

Flash: Essential for playmaking, escaping, and positioning.

Ignite: Provides kill pressure in lane and reduces healing, which is valuable against many top laners.

Teleport: Is a bit more forgiving incase you get a behind in the early game

Akali Top Item guide:


Akali top starter items

Dark Seal + Refillable Potion

First Back Options (choose one):

Sorcerer's Shoes, Hextech Alternator, Blasting Wand

Akali top - Standard Build:

Hextech Rocketbelt: Provides burst and gap-closing ability.

Shadowflame: Great for dealing with tanks and bruisers.

Zhonya's Hourglass: For survivability and playmaking.

Rabadon's Deathcap: Significant AP boost.

Void Staff: For magic penetration.

Sorcerer's Shoes: Magic penetration and movement speed.

Lich Bane (situational): Enhances burst potential.

Banshee's Veil (situational): Magic resist and spell shield.

Akali Top Build - Against 3+ Bruisers/Tanks:

Consider Riftmaker for sustained fights and Demonic Embrace for added burn damage.

Choose the boots, depending on the situation

Optional Items: Banshee's Veil (for added protection against magic damage and CC), Morellonomicon (for anti-heal).

Akali Top - Ability Skill Order:

Akali Top - ability skill order

Q (Five Point Strike)

E (Shuriken Flip)

W (Twilight Shroud)

R (Perfect Execution)

Akali Top - General Playstyle:

Akali Top - Laning Phase:

Focus on farming and look for trades when the enemy uses their abilities on minions. Use W to avoid ganks or heavy trades.

Akali Top -Mid Game:

Look for roams and skirmishes. Akali excels in 1v1s and small fights.

Akali Top -Late Game:

Focus on split pushing and joining team fights. In fights, aim to eliminate high-value targets.

Akali Top - Farming:

Use Q to last-hit minions. If under pressure, use W to safely farm.

Akali Top - Team Fights:

Wait for major CC abilities to be used before diving the backline.

Use W to reposition and avoid focus.

Target squishy champions and use R to execute low-health targets.

Akali Top - Dragon and Nachor Fights:

Dragon: Provide vision and look for picks before starting the dragon.

Baron: Split push to draw attention and join the team if a fight breaks out.

Akali top Matchups:

Bad Matchup (e.g., Aatrox): Tether back and forth to bait out his Qs. Building anti-heal is optional. Use E to dodge his Q2. After level 6, bait out his Q1, dodge Q2 with E1 or R1, and kite him around.

Good Synergy (e.g., Zilean): Zilean can provide speed boosts and revives, allowing Akali to play more aggressively.

Threats & Synergies:

Seraphine: She has range, poke, CC, shields, and healing. However, she's immobile and squishy, making her a potential target for Akali's burst.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to play Akali top. Adjustments can be made based on specific matchups and game situations. Enjoy this ultimate Akali top guide for patch. 

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