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the ultimate Aphelios Top Guide (Latest Patch) - Juggle your arsenal and leave enemies starstruck!

Unleash the cosmic might with this stellar Aphelios top guide (latest patch, 13.16) - watch as your foes get lost in your celestial arsenal!

Aphelios Top Runes:

aphelios Top runes

Primary Tree (Precision):

Keystone: Press the Attack - Enhances your damage output after 3 consecutive attacks.

Overheal: Provides a shield based on excess healing.

Legend: Bloodline: Grants lifesteal, enhancing your sustain.

Cut Down: Increases damage to champions with more max health than you.

Secondary Tree (Resolve):

Shield Bash: Enhances your next auto after gaining a shield.

Bone Plating: Reduces damage from champion attacks or abilities.

Stat Shards:

+10% Attack Speed

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)

Aphelios Top Summoner Spells:

Aphelios summer spells

Barrier: Provides a shield, enhancing survivability.

Exhaust: Reduces an enemy's damage output and slows them.

Aphelios Top Full Item Guide:

Starting Items:

Option 1:

aphelios starter items

Doran's Blade + Health Potion

Option 2:

aphelios starter items

Long Sword + Refillable Potion

AFK Start: Cull

aphelios starter items

Aphelios Top Full Build:

Aphelios top full build

Berserker's Greaves: Enhanced attack speed.

Kraken Slayer: Provides bonus true damage on every third attack.

Galeforce: Offers mobility and an active damage ability.

Rapid Firecannon: Increases attack range periodically.

Lord Dominik's Regards: Bonus damage against high health targets.

Bloodthirster: Lifesteal and an overheal shield.

Aphelios Top - Ability Skill Order:

Aphelios abillty

Q: Calibrum

W: Severum

E: Gravitum

R: Infernum

Passive: Crescendum

Aphelios Top - General Playstyle:

Laning Phase:

Aphelios is weaker early on, especially in the top lane. Focus on farming and avoid extended trades. Use your range advantage against melee champions.

Mid Game:

Start grouping with your team for objectives. Your versatility allows you to adapt to different situations.

Late Game:

Aphelios shines in the late game. Position well in teamfights and utilize your weapon combinations effectively.

Aphelios Top - Farming:

Focus on last-hitting minions.

Use Calibrum for long-range poke and farm.

Severum can help in short trades and sustain.

Aphelios Top - Teamfighting:

Stay in the backline and deal damage from a safe distance.

Switch between weapons based on the situation. Use Gravitum for CC, Infernum for AOE damage, and Crescendum for close-range duels.

Aphelios Top - Objectives:

Dragon: Provide damage and zone control using your abilities.

Baron: Use Crescendum for enhanced damage output.

Aphelios Top - Matchups:

Threats: Aphelios is vulnerable to champions that can close the gap quickly. Treat every matchup with respect and play cautiously.

Synergies: Aphelios can solo carry games if played correctly. Teammates that provide peel and engage can enhance his potential.

Aphelios top is a unique pick that can be very rewarding if played correctly. Focus on scaling, positioning, and understanding your weapon combinations to maximize your impact. Enjoy this ultimate Aphelios Top guide (latest patch, 13.16).

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