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The Ultimate Caitlyn ADC Guide (Latest Patch) - Aim, Shoot, and Climb the Ladder!

Lock and load with this latest patch (13.16) Caitlyn ADC guide, and watch your enemies get caught in the crosshairs of your snipes!

Caitlyn ADC Runes:

Caitlyn ADC runes

Primary (Precision):

Lethal Tempo: This rune allows Caitlyn to ramp up her attack speed after damaging an enemy champion, which synergizes well with her long range and her passive, Headshot.

Triumph: Provides extra sustain in skirmishes and teamfights by restoring health on takedowns.

Legend: Bloodline: Grants lifesteal, which helps Caitlyn sustain in lane and during fights.

Coup de Grace: Increases damage to low-health enemies, helping Caitlyn secure kills.

Secondary (Sorcery):

Absolute Focus: Grants bonus AD when Caitlyn is above 70% health, amplifying her poke and trading potential.

Gathering Storm: Provides scaling AD as the game progresses, enhancing Caitlyn's late-game carry potential.

Stat Shards:

+10% Attack Speed

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+6 Armor

Caitlyn ADC - Summoner Spells:

Caitlyn ADC - summoner spells

Flash: Essential for repositioning, escaping, or securing kills.

Heal: Provides a burst of health and movement speed, useful for both offensive and defensive plays.

Caitlyn ADC Full Item Build:


Caitlyn ADC starter items

Doran's Blade, Health Potion, Stealth Ward

First Back:

Caitlyn first back

Boots, Dagger, Pickaxe, B.F. Sword

Caitlyn ADC - Full Build

Infinity Edge, Berserker's Greaves, Rapid Firecannon, Kraken Slayer, Statikk Shiv, Bloodthirster

Caitlyn ADC - Ability Skill Order:

Caitlyn ADC - Ability skill order

Q - Piltover Peacemaker: Caitlyn's primary poke and wave clear tool.

W - Yordle Snap Trap: Useful for zoning enemies and setting up combos.

E - 90 Caliber Net: Provides self-peel and a way to reposition.

R - Ace in the Hole: A long-range execute ability.

Caitlyn ADC - General Playstyle:

Laning Phase:

Caitlyn's long range allows her to poke and harass enemies easily. Use Q to poke and push the wave. Place traps in strategic locations to zone enemies.

Mid Game:

Focus on securing objectives and pushing towers. Caitlyn's range and traps make her excellent at sieging.

Late Game:

Position safely in teamfights, using your range to your advantage. Prioritize key targets and use E for self-peel.

Teamfights as Caitlyn:

Stay in the backline and prioritize safety. Use E and traps for self-peel and kiting. Target the closest threat unless a high-priority target is out of position.

Dragon and Baron Fights as Caitlyn:

For Dragons and Barons, use traps to zone enemies and provide vision. Stay behind your team and use your range to safely DPS the objective.

Caitlyn ADC - Matchups:

Bad Matchup: Leona (Three stuns and a lot of health. Dodge her E and focus the enemy ADC.)

Good Synergy: Blitzcrank (A good Blitzcrank can set up easy kills. When he hooks or knocks up an enemy, place a trap behind them.)

Enjoy this ultimate Caitlyn ADC guide (latest patch, 13.16). 

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