The ultimate CSGO callouts on Anubis in 2023

Here are all the must-know CSGO callouts on Anubis! Learn them and give your teammate an advantage by clearly communicating where the enemies are!

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CSGO Anubis lineups and callouts

Anubis - A-Site callouts

Ramp - This refers to the ramp that leads up to A site from the CT spawn.

  1. Temple - This is the temple structure on A site, where the bomb can be planted.
  2. Fountain - This is the fountain in front of the temple on A site, which can be used for cover.
  3. Sandbags - This is the sandbag barrier on A site, which can be used for cover.
  4. Palace - This is the palace structure to the left of A site.
  5. Connector - This is the area that connects A site to B site.
  6. Window - This is the window on A site that overlooks Connector.

B Site Callouts:

  1. Tunnels - This is the underground tunnel system that leads from A site to B site.
  2. Catacombs - This is the area at the end of the Tunnels on B site.
  3. Pillars - This is the area on B site with several pillars.
  4. Graffiti - This is the wall with graffiti on B site, near the Default plant spot.
  5. Stairs - This refers to the stairs that lead up to B site from the Tunnels.
  6. Courtyard - This is the open area in the middle of B site, which can be accessed from several directions.
  7. Garden - This is the garden area to the left of B site.
CSGO Anubis callouts

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