The ultimate CSGO callouts on Dust 2 in 2023

Here are all the must-know CSGO callouts on Dust 2! Learn them and give your teammate an advantage by clearly communicating where the enemies are!

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CSGO dust 2 lineups and callouts

Dust 2 - A-Site callouts

  1. A Long - The long, straight path that connects T-Spawn to A-Site.
  2. A Short/Catwalk - The shorter path to A-Site, leading from Mid through a set of stairs.
  3. A Ramp - A slope leading up to A-Site from A Long and A Short.
  4. A-Platform - The raised area on A-Site where the bomb can be planted.
  5. Goose - The corner behind A-Platform, named after a developer's graffiti in earlier versions of the map.
  6. Car - The burnt-out car near A Long, often used for cover.
  7. Pit - A sunken area near A Long, offering cover for players watching A Long or A Site.

Dust 2 - B -Site callouts

  1. B Tunnels - A series of tunnels connecting T-Spawn to B-Site.
  2. Upper B Tunnels - The part of B Tunnels that's closer to T-Spawn
  3. Lower B Tunnels - The part of B Tunnels that's closer to B-Site, including the stairs leading to Mid.
  4. B Platform - The raised area on B-Site where the bomb can be planted.
  5. B Doors - The double doors connecting B-Site to Mid.
  6. Window - A small opening in B-Site, allowing vision and access from Upper B Tunnels.
  7. Car - A burnt-out car near the entrance to B-Site from B Tunnels, providing cover for players.
  8. Back of B Site - The area behind the B-Site boxes, often used for hiding or defending the bomb.

Dust 2 - Mid callouts

  1. Mid Doors - The double doors that separate T-Spawn from CT-Spawn, providing access to Mid.
  2. Suicide - A risky path leading from T-Spawn to Mid Doors, leaving players exposed to snipers.
  3. X-Box - A large box in Mid, providing cover for players moving from Lower B Tunnels to Catwalk.
  4. Top Mid - The upper area of Mid, just outside of T-Spawn.
  5. Palm Tree - A tree near Mid Doors on the CT side, providing cover for snipers.

Dust 2 - T-Spawn callouts

  1. T-Spawn - The initial spawn point for the Terrorist team, connecting to A Long, B Tunnels, and Mid.
  2. T Ramp - The sloping area leading from T-Spawn to A Long and B Tunnels.

Dust 2 - CT-Spawn callouts

  1. CT-Spawn - The initial spawn point for the Counter-Terrorist team, connecting to A-Site, B-Site, and Mid.
  2. CT Mid - The area between CT-Spawn and Mid, providing access to B-Site and A-Site.

Dust 2 - Other Callouts

  1. Blue Container - A large container near T-Spawn, often used for cover during engagements at A Long.
  2. Green Box - A box near the entrance to A Short from Mid, providing cover for players.
  3. Outside Long Doors - The area just outside A Long, near T-Spawn.
  4. Elevator - The area below A-Platform, often used by CTs to boost onto A-Platform or defend A-Site.
CSGO Dust 2 callouts

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