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The Ultimate Evelynn Jungle Guide (Latest Patch) - Lure, Charm, and Claim Victory from the Shadows!

With this ultimate Evelynn jungle guide (latest patch, 13.16), you'll be leaving enemies charmed and disarmed in the shadows!

Evelynn Jungle Runes:

Evelynn jungle runes


Electrocute: Provides burst damage which complements Evelynn's assassination playstyle.

Sudden Impact: Evelynn's E and R abilities allow her to proc this rune for extra lethality and magic penetration.

Eyeball Collection: Helps in stacking up additional AP for more damage.

Ultimate Hunter: Reduces the cooldown of Evelynn's ultimate, allowing her to use it more frequently.


Absolute Focus: Grants bonus AP when Evelynn is above 70% health, synergizing with her assassination playstyle.

Gathering Storm: Provides scaling AP as the game progresses.

Stat Shards:

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)

Evelynn Jungle - Summoner Spells:

Evelynn summoner spells

Smite: Essential for jungling. Helps in clearing jungle camps and securing objectives.

Flash: Provides mobility, escape mechanism, and playmaking potential.

Evelynn Jungle Full Items Guide:

Starter Items:

Refilable Potion, Gustwalker Hatchling

First back item:

First items back

Amplifying Tome, Dark Seal

Evelynn Jungle Full Build:

Evelynn Full build

Hextech Rocketbelt: Provides bonus movement speed and a dash, aiding in engaging or escaping.

Sorcerer's Shoes: Grants magic penetration to increase damage output.

Lich Bane: Synergizes with Evelynn's E ability, providing bonus burst damage.

Rabadon's Deathcap: Amplifies Evelynn's AP, increasing her overall damage.

Void Staff: Offers magic penetration, especially effective against enemies stacking magic resist.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Provides stasis, allowing Evelynn to avoid incoming damage and threats.

Evelynn Jungle - Ability Skill Order:

Evelynn Jungle - Ability skill order
  1. Q > W > E > R
  2. Max Q first for clear speed and damage, followed by E for burst, and then W for the charm duration and magic resist shred. Upgrade R whenever possible.

Evelynn Jungle - General Playstyle:

Early Game - Evelynn:

Focus on farming and look for gank opportunities, especially in lanes where enemies are overextended. Evelynn's pre-6 ganks are decent, but her true power spikes post-6 when she gains camouflage from her passive.

Mid Game - Evelynn:

Look to pick off isolated targets and apply pressure on the map. Use the camouflage to your advantage to create vision denial and fear among the enemy team.

Late Game - Evelynn:

Focus on assassinating key enemy carries. Positioning is crucial; use the element of surprise to burst down targets before they can react.

Farming - Evelynn:

Prioritize raptors and wolves for efficient clears. Use Q to kite and clear multiple camps.

Secure Scuttle Crabs for vision and map control.

Teamfighting - Evelynn:

Look for flanks and try to eliminate high-priority targets.

Use W to charm and shred magic resist of tanks or bruisers if carries are well-protected.

Use R to either finish off targets or escape if caught out.

Dragon and Baron fights as Evelynn:

Dragons: Use W to charm the dragon for faster takes. Ensure vision control before starting the objective.

Baron: Similar to dragons, use W for faster takes. Evelynn can also look to pick off enemies around the Baron pit.

Evelynn - Matchups:

Good Matchups: Champions that Evelynn can burst down quickly or those without hard crowd control.

Bad Matchups: Champions with strong early game presence, invades, or hard crowd control that can lock Evelynn down.

Champions Strong Against Evelynn:

Lee Sin, Kha'Zix, Elise: These champions can invade Evelynn early and disrupt her farming.

Champions Weak Against Evelynn:

Karthus, Zac, Amumu: Evelynn can burst these champions down and they lack the tools to effectively counter her assassination attempts.

Enjoy this ultimate Evelynn Jungle guide (latest patch, 13.16). 

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