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The Ultimate Fiora Mid Guide (Latest Patch) - Parry, Lunge, and Dance Your Way to the Top!

With this ultimate Fiora Mid guide (latest patch, 13.16), you'll parry doubts and lunge straight into victory!

Fiora Mid Runes:

Fiora Mid Runes

Primary Tree (Precision):

Keystone: Conqueror - This rune is essential for Fiora as it provides additional damage and healing when fully stacked, which synergizes well with her dueling capabilities.

Presence of Mind

Legend: Bloodline

Last Stand

Secondary Tree (Resolve):



Stat Shards:

Attack Speed (for faster passive procs)

Adaptive Force (for additional damage)

Armor or Magic Resist (based on the matchup)

Fiora Mid - Summoner Spells:

Elise Top - summoner spells

Flash: general great

Ignite: gives you a lot of kill pressure on the lane

Fiora Mid Full Item Guide:

Starting Items:

Aggressive Lane:

Fiora mid starter items

Doran's Blade + Health Potion

Vs AP Carry:

against high AP mid laner - fiora

Null-Magic Mantle + Health Potion


First Item to Rush

Fiora Core Items:

Trinity Force, Stridebreaker, Immortal Shieldbow


Fiora - Final Item:

Spirit Visage - great if the enemy team has a lot of AP

Fiora Mid - Ability Skill Order:

Fiora Mid - ability skill orders

Passive: Duelist's Dance

Q: Lunge

W: Riposte

E: Bladework

R: Grand Challenge

Fiora Mid - General Playstyle:

Fiora is a duelist, meaning she excels in 1v1 situations. In the mid lane, Fiora can capitalize on her mobility and damage to outplay her opponents. Always look for opportunities to proc her passive, Duelist's Dance, for bonus damage and healing.

Fiora - Advice on Farming:

Focus on last-hitting minions and use your Q, Lunge, to poke the enemy and farm simultaneously. If against a ranged opponent, consider starting with Doran's Shield to sustain through poke.

Fiora - Laning Phase:

Early Game:

Play cautiously and focus on farming. Look for trades when the enemy mispositions or wastes their abilities.

Mid Game:

Roam to other lanes, secure objectives, and split-push when appropriate.

Late Game:

Fiora becomes a split-push threat. Use your dueling capabilities to pressure side lanes and force the enemy team to respond.

Fiora - Team Fights:

Fiora excels in skirmishes and 1v1s rather than full-blown team fights. If forced into a team fight, focus on proccing your ultimate, Grand Challenge, on a priority target for the AoE heal.

Dragon and Baron Fights as Fiora:

Fiora can help secure these objectives with her team. Use Riposte to block crucial enemy abilities and Grand Challenge for the healing zone during extended fights.

Fiora - Matchups:

Threats: Aurelion Sol (Extreme threat)

Synergies: The provided data did not specify champions that synergize well with Fiora.

Enjoy this ultimate Fiora Mid guide (latest patch, 13.16). 

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