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The ultimate Garen ADC Guide - dominate the bot and start ranking up!

With this ultimate Garen ADC guide you will start dominating the Bot lane.

Garen ADC Runes:

Garen Bot Runes

Primary (Inspiration):

First Strike: This rune allows Garen to capitalize on the enemy's mistakes, ideally spinning in a clump of minions for even more gold.

Magical Footwear: Provides free boots and an additional 10 MS, helping Garen stick to his foes.

Future's Market: This build is very item-dependent, so reaching item spikes faster is crucial.

Approach Velocity: Increases your movement speed towards impaired allies or enemies you've impaired.

Secondary (Domination):

Eyeball Collection: Provides bonus AD for takedowns.

Ultimate Hunter: Reduces the cooldown of Garen's ultimate, allowing for more frequent executions.

Stat Shards:

+10% Attack Speed

+6 Armor

+8 Magic Resist

Garen Bot - Summoner Spells:



Garen Bot - Full Item Guide:


Starter item Garen bot/adc

Cull: Provides additional gold for farming.

Alternatively, build a Longsword to start towards Trinity Force for Hearthbound Axe.

Garen ADC Full Item Guide:

The Collector: A 2-item power spike with AD, crit, and lethality.

Lord Dominik's Regards/Mortal Reminder: Choose based on the enemy team's composition.

Phantom Dancer: Enhances chasing potential and provides critical stats.

Trinity Force: The foundation of this build, providing a mix of stats beneficial for Garen.

Kraken Slayer: Boosts Garen's spin count for teamfight AoE.

Berserker's Greaves

Garen Bot - Ability Skill Order:

Garen Bot - ability Skill order

Q - Decisive Strike

E - Judgment

W - Courage

R - Demacian Justice (Ultimate)

Garen Bot - Playstyle:

Laning Phase: Bait the opposing lane to overextend and then punish. Focus on farming and capitalizing on the enemy's mistakes with the First Strike rune.

Mid Game: Look for skirmishes and use your mobility to roam and help other lanes. Focus on objectives and split pushing.

Late Game: Stick with your team and look for opportunities to engage or peel for your carries. Your ultimate can be a game-changer in team fights.

Team Fights as Garen Bot:

Engage on high-priority targets or peel for your carries. Use your Q to silence key threats and your E for AoE damage. Execute low-health targets with your R.

Dragon and Baron Fights as Garen:

Dragons: Provide frontline and zone control for your team.

Baron: Use your durability to tank and secure the objective. Look for opportunities to turn on the enemy team if they contest.

Garen Matchups:

Good Matchups: Champions that Garen can easily engage on and out-trade.

Bad Matchups: Champions that can kite Garen or out-sustain him in trades.


Look for champions that can provide CC or enhance Garen's engage potential.

Enjoy this ultimate Garen Bot Guide (latest patch).

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