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The Ultimate Gragas Top Guide (Latest Patch) - Barrel through the ranks and leave your foes tipsy!

With this barrel-aged Gragas top guide (latest patch), you'll be slamming your foes straight to the fountain!

Gragas Top - Runes:

Gragas Top Runes

Primary (Sorcery):

Phase Rush: Provides mobility to stick to enemies or escape from threats.

Manaflow Band: Helps with mana sustain.

Transcendence: Grants CDR, essential for Gragas's combo rotations.

Gathering Storm: Ensures scaling into the late game.

Secondary (Inspiration):

Biscuit Delivery: Provides sustain in lane.

Cosmic Insight: Additional CDR for abilities and summoner spells.

Stat Shards:

The Google Sheet did not provide specific stat shards. Typically, Gragas top might opt for Ability Power, Armor or Magic Resist (based on matchup), and Health.

Gragas Top - Summoner Spells:

Gragas Top - Summoner Spells

Flash: Essential for positioning and executing combos.

Teleport: Provides map pressure, allows for quick returns to lane, and enables cross-map plays.

Gragas Top - Full Build:

Everfrost: Provides CC and waveclear. The active can be used to catch enemies or self-peel.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Grants CDR and movement speed.

Cosmic Drive: Enhances mobility and provides CDR.

Horizon Focus: Amplifies damage on distant or immobilized enemies.

Void Staff: Essential for dealing with enemies stacking magic resist.

Rabadon's Deathcap: A significant AP boost to enhance all abilities.

Situational Items: Banshee's Veil, Zhonya's Hourglass, Archangel's Staff, Everfrost, Chemtech Putrifier, Oblivion Orb, Abyssal Mask, Liandry's Anguish.

Gragas Top - Ability Skill Order:

Gragas Top - Ability skill order

Q (Barrel Roll) - Main poke and waveclear tool.

W (Drunken Rage) - Damage reduction and empowered auto-attack.

E (Body Slam) - Engage and escape tool.

R (Explosive Cask) - Displacement and engage/disengage tool.

Gragas Top - General Playstyle and Advice:

Laning Phase:

Gragas is weak during the early levels due to high mana costs and cooldowns. Focus on farming with W for its benefits. Avoid excessive Q poking unless you can also last-hit minions with it. After a few points in Q and some mana items, you can start to be more aggressive.

Mid Game:

Push lanes and create pressure. Use your abilities to catch out isolated enemies or initiate team fights. Remember to use Teleport to assist your team in crucial skirmishes or objectives.

Late Game:

Gragas becomes a potent team fighter. Look for opportunities to use your R to displace key enemy carries or to peel for your own. Your combo can be a game-changer, so practice it well.

Team Fights as Gragas:

Engage with E, followed by Q and W for damage. Use R strategically to either engage, disengage, or isolate key targets.

Dragon and Baron Fights as Gragas Top:

Gragas can zone enemies away from objectives like Dragon and Baron with his Q and R. Ensure you have vision and use your abilities to secure or contest these objectives.

Gragas Top - Matchups:

Bad Matchup:

Heimerdinger: His turrets block your E, making it hard to engage. He pushes waves quickly, forcing you to farm under turret. It's challenging to poke him due to his movement speed around turrets. Counter this by considering merc treads and stacking MR, though it's not the most optimal approach.

Good Matchup:

Yasuo: Gragas can disrupt Yasuo's mobility with his abilities and can tank through Yasuo's damage with his W.

Synergies: The guide mentions Yasuo as an ideal synergy, likely because Gragas's R can set up Yasuo's ultimate.

Enjoy this ultimate Gragas Top Guide (latest patch).

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