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The Ultimate Olaf Jungle Guide (Latest Patch) - Axe, Smash, and Dash Your Way to Victory!

With this ultimate Olaf Jungle guide (latest patch), unleash your inner berserker and leave enemies in the dust of your rampaging path!

Olaf Jungle Runes:

olaf jungle runes

Primary (Precision):

Keystone: Conqueror


Legend: Bloodline

Last Stand

Secondary (Inspiration):

Magical Footwear

Approach Velocity

Stat Shards:

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)

+6 Armor

Olaf - Summoner Spells:

Olaf summer spells



Olaf Items guide:

Starter Items:

Olaf starter items

Gustwalker Hatchling:

When to Use: Opt for Gustwalker Hatchling when you anticipate a lot of early game skirmishes or invades. The movement speed it provides can be crucial for chasing down enemies or making quick escapes. It's especially useful if you're planning to be aggressive and invade the enemy jungle early on.

Mosstomper Seedling:

When to Use: Choose Mosstomper Seedling when you're up against champions that can poke or harass you from a distance. The additional sustain it provides can help you stay healthy during your jungle clear and be ready for ganksor counter-ganks. It's a safe choice if you're unsure about the early game dynamics.

Scorchclaw Pup:

When to Use: Scorchclaw Pup is ideal when you're aiming for faster jungle clears and want to maximize your damage output. If you're confident in your ability to avoid enemy confrontations or if you're up against a passive jungler, this item can help you farm efficiently and reach your core items faster.

Health Potion


olaf boots options

Mercury's Treads (when enemy team AP heavy)

Plated Steelcaps (when enemy team AD heavy)

Olaf Full Build (Meta):

Olaf full build

Plated Steelcaps


Black Cleaver

Death's Dance

Sterak's Gage

Maw of Malmortius

Olaf - Ability Skill Order:

  1. Q (Undertow)
  2. W (Vicious Strikes)
  3. E (Reckless Swing)
  4. R (Ragnarok)

-prioritizing Q > E > W with R whenever available.

Olaf - General Playstyle:

Olaf - Early Game / Laning Phase:

Olaf's early game is strong due to his passive, Berserker Rage, which increases his attack speed the lower his health is. This makes his jungle clear fast and efficient.

Use Undertow (Q) to poke and slow enemies. Picking up the thrown axe reduces its cooldown, allowing for rapid throws.

Engage in skirmishes, especially when you're at lower health. Your passive and Conqueror will give you an edge in duels.

Olaf - Mid Game:

Look for gank opportunities. While Olaf lacks hard CC, his Undertow provides a significant slow.

Control objectives like Dragon. Olaf can solo Dragons with his W's lifesteal and passive attack speed boost.

Split-push if necessary. Olaf can take down turrets quickly with his enhanced attack speed.

Olaf - Late Game:

In team fights, use Ragnarok to become immune to CC and dive the enemy backline. Target squishy carries or high-value targets.

Be wary of getting kited. Olaf can be vulnerable to high-mobility champions.

Team Fights as Olaf:

Initiate with Ragnarok to avoid getting CC'd.

Focus on taking down the enemy carries. Use Undertow to slow them and Reckless Swing for true damage.

Remember, the lower your health, the faster you attack. Use this to your advantage but be wary of getting bursted down.

Dragon and Baron fights as Olaf:

Olaf can solo Dragons early due to his passive and W's lifesteal.

For Baron, ensure vision control with Control Wards and Oracle Lens. Engage with your team and use Smite to secure the objective.

Olaf Matchups:

The document did not specify exact matchups. However, based on general knowledge:

Good Matchups for Olaf:

Champions with heavy CC (since Olaf can negate them with his R)

Melee champions that he can duel in close combat.

Bad Matchups for Olaf:

High mobility champions that can kite him (e.g., Vayne). Champions with strong burst damage that can take him down before he can utilize his passive.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Olaf Jungle based on the provided document. Remember, the best way to master a champion is through practice and adapting to various in-game situations. Good luck on the Rift! This was Olaf’s ultimate Jungle guide for patch.

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