The Ultimate Valorant Agent Tier List in 2023: Discover the Best Valorant picks and win in the agent selection!

Have you ever wondered about the current Valorant Agent Tier? We created a quick blog post on our take on the Valorant Agent Tier list as well as explaining why we believe them to be in that position. Also just because an agent is S tier doesn't mean you have to play him. You have to find the agent that suits your play style.

Valorant's S-Tier Agents: Valorants' finest


Jett's unparalleled agility and speed make her a formidable duelist, able to engage and disengage with ease. Her abilities, such as her Tailwind dash and Updraft vertical boost, make her difficult to pin down, while her Blade Storm ultimate is a deadly weapon in skilled hands. Jett's versatility and mobility make her an S-tier pick.


Sage's healing capabilities, along with her Barrier Orb wall and Slow Orb, make her an essential support agent in any team composition. Her ability to revive teammates with her ultimate, Resurrection, can turn the tide of a match. Sage's unique skillset earns her a spot in the S-tier.

Valorant's A-Tier Agents: Strong Choices with Distinct Advantages


Cypher excels at gathering information and controlling the battlefield. With his Spycam, Trapwire, and Cyber Cage, he can lock down areas and provide crucial intel to his team. His ultimate, Neural Theft, reveals enemy locations and provides a significant advantage.


Phoenix is a self-sufficient duelist with the ability to heal himself and create space for his team. His fire-based abilities, such as Blaze and Hot Hands, can block enemy vision and deal damage, while his ultimate, Run It Back, allows him to take risks and gather information without fear of death.


Viper's toxic abilities control space and force enemies to make unfavorable decisions. Her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud can block lines of sight and control choke points, while her ultimate, Viper's Pit, can easily secure or retake sites.

Valorant's B-Tier Agents: Balanced Options with Unique Flair


Reyna is a powerful duelist who thrives on securing kills. Her abilities, such as Devour and Dismiss, provide self-sustain and escape potential. However, her team utility is limited, placing her in the B-tier.


Sova excels at gathering information with his Recon Bolt and Owl Drone. His Shock Bolt can deal damage from afar, while his ultimate, Hunter's Fury, can secure kills and delay enemy pushes. Although strong, he requires exceptional map knowledge and coordination to maximize his potential.


Omen is a versatile controller with powerful abilities such as his Paranoia blind and Dark Cover smokes. His teleportation abilities, Shrouded Step and From the Shadows, allow for creative plays and flanking opportunities. However, his impact is heavily reliant on team coordination.

Valorant's C-Tier Agents: Situational Picks with Potential


Brimstone provides excellent area control with his Sky Smokes and Incendiary. However, he is outclassed by other controllers like Omen and Viper in terms of versatility, placing him in the C-tier.


Raze has high damage potential with her explosive abilities, such as her Paint Shells and Showstopper Ultimate. However, her utility is limited compared to other duelists, making her a situational pick.


Killjoy can lock down sites with her Turret, Alarmbot, and Nanoswarm grenades. Her abilities are excellent at delaying enemy pushes and providing some control over the battlefield. However, her effectiveness is heavily reliant on positioning and can be less versatile compared to other sentinels like Cypher and Sage. This situational usefulness places her in the C-tier.


KAY/O, the robot initiator, offers unique abilities like suppressing enemy abilities with his ZERO/point and suppressing enemies caught in the radius of his ultimate, NULL/cmd. While his abilities can be powerful, KAY/O requires excellent team coordination and is map-dependent, placing him in the C-tier.

Valorant's D-Tier Agents: Niche Picks for Specific Strategies


Skye is a versatile initiator with healing capabilities and abilities to gather information. Her Guiding Light flashes and Trailblazer scouting tool can be powerful, but they require strong teamwork to utilize effectively. Her ultimate, Seekers, can be easily countered, relegating her to the D-tier.


Yoru is a duelist with deception-based abilities, such as his Fakeout footsteps and Gatecrash teleport. His ultimate, Dimensional Drift, allows for creative plays and flanking opportunities. However, Yoru's abilities are often predictable and can be outperformed by other duelists, putting him in the D-tier.


Astra is a controller with unique astral-based abilities, allowing her to place and activate her stars as various utility tools. While her abilities can be powerful, her impact relies heavily on planning, communication, and understanding of her complex mechanics. This steep learning curve and high dependency on teamwork land her in the D-tier.


Breach is an initiator with strong crowd-control abilities, such as his Flashpoint and Aftershock. His ultimate, Rolling Thunder, can disrupt enemy teams and create openings for his allies. However, his lengthy ability animations and high dependency on team coordination make him a niche pick, placing him in the D-tier.

While this Valorant Agent Tier list provides a general overview of each agent's strength and utility, it's essential to remember that individual playstyles, team compositions, and map choices can impact an agent's effectiveness. Ultimately, the best agent for you will depend on your preferred playstyle and how well you can adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of Valorant.

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